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Introduction to AEvent Timelines
Introduction to AEvent Timelines

Discover at the top what a Timeline is, its use, and its options - (THIS IS A MUST READ)

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Click HERE for a video tutorial: Timeline Settings

Your timeline is your campaign, webinar, summit, series, and behavior-based Automations. It is whatever you wish to call it. Your Timeline is the core base of which everything within AEvent is tied together and built out on.

To put it simply, your Timeline is the rope that ties up your event-based business and makes everything operate as if they're made to work seamlessly together.

In the brief guide below, we cover the different aspects of your Timelines at the top level.

We recommend spending 5 minutes on this quick read as it will help familiarize you with the core element of the platform, provide a brief explanation of each timeline element and its use, discuss the delivery platforms we support, and provide additional timeline how-tos.

Timeline Sections:

Action Builder - This is where everything occurs. Every automation set, every

message, every action, every Event. There's a ton to read and learn about this section.

Event Info - Define settings at the event level, including the Title of the Event with bullet-point Registration Details, Event Automation Level, Media Selection, and a few other platform-specific details.

(Heads Up: Setting options within Event Info can differ based upon the Delivery Platform selected within the Timeline)

Integrations - By adding an integration to your AEvent account, its use within each individual timeline still must be configured. You need to select the individual integrations you want to enable within the timeline and define the more granular settings of each.

(Pointer: This enables you to have more than a single integration for the same type. IE you have 2 Active Campaign Accounts, and use 1 with each individual Timeline.)

Registration - AEvent supports several different registration types, from one-time options to drop-down selectors or even more. Along with that, we native support capturing any value at the time of registration, whether it be asking the Registrant an additional question on the form or capturing a UTM parameter from the query string (address bar).

(Bonus: Capturing an affiliate ID or a tracking parameter and passing it into your CRM/ESP is essentially effortless with AEvent!@#)

Email - While AEvent at its core allows you to pair up as many different ESP/CRMs as you like, you can still take advantage of both Zoom and GoToWebinars SOLID email inboxing when building out your Timeline. Our Email section within our timeline builder is applicable for use with GoToWebinar only. In order to use Zoom's Email system, you must utilize Zoom Templates (Click HERE to learn how).

Advanced - A TON of granular settings can be defined within this section of your timeline, however, there isn't a single value here that would cause your event to fail if not set. Within this section, you can define your Page URLs, your Replay sequence, as well as a ton of other tweaks that will enable your event to run the exact way you wish

(Heads Up: Just like Event Info, what is shown in this section can change based upon your Delivery Platform selection.)

Audience - By default, a timeline includes registrants, attendees, and Non-attendees. However, if you are simply targeting your prospects to a limitation of these, you are severely under-utilizing the revenue potential of your event. With AEvent, we unlock the ability to create the most granular custom audience you could imagine and then further take any integration-supported action at any time before, during, or after your Event.

(TIP: Checkout our Audience Segmentation Tutorials over HERE)

Templates - Generally, a template is used at the time of Timeline creation using one of our wizards... However, you can implement a template to a pre-existing timeline.

(Note: The templates that you see available correspond to the delivery platform selected within the Timeline.)

Code - Whether you're using our JavaScript Pop-up integration for Registration,

or integrating everything at code level, everything needed to get the job done is located here.

(Note: Just like other areas, based upon the selections made in your timeline and the delivery platform type, your choices and options here can alter.)

Revisions - Messed Up?!?? Need to revert? Head over here, and select the last save to which you want to restore your timeline. Once you click on Restore and then confirm, your Timeline will be restored.

(Note: Restoring is easy, but once you delete a timeline, there is no going back...)

Upcoming / Past - Looking for an exact webinar relating to this timeline?

Sometimes, the easiest approach can be from within the Timeline itself. Head here for that approach.

Supported AEvent Delivery Platform Types:

With our Timeline Technology being the core heart of AEvent, we have developed the use of it with a variety of different Event Based Delivery Platforms. Unlike other products in the marketplace, we are very agnostic with everything we do. Therefore, we don't LOCK you into using a single platform or service to deliver your event experience.

The platforms listed below include full fundamental use of our Behavioral-Based segmentation, including Omni-Channel sequencing using our native integration suite.

Whether it's a live Zoom call or an opt-in visit to your VSL page, we can track the time spent and activities before, during, and after that event. Then, target them with messaging sequences and automations that speak directly to your prospects and where they are at within your sales or training flows.

Below, we outline the different platforms we support as the "Delivery Platform" with our AEvent Timelines.

  • Like-Live Streaming Event Platform.

  • Run your webinars and events at any interval frequency, scheduling is based upon registrants time zone.

  • Web-Based Viewer.

  • Unlimited viewers with video streaming services provided by AEvent.

  • Utilize AEvent's Timeline Technology with your VSL / Long Form Sales Letters / Post Opt-in Event to help increase your conversions.

  • Any opt-in conversion using AConvert can be tied into your autoresponder along with any other supported integration.

  • Target and follow up with your leads intelligently, based upon time spent on page and other page views. Enriching their experience and, therefore, raising your conversions.

  • Live, Semi-Automation, or 100% Automation of your Zoom Meetings and Webinars.

  • Live, Semi-Automation, or 100% Automation of your GoToWebinar Event.

  • 100% Automation of your Obvio Event (including multiple-stages or rooms).

Managing Your Timelines:

With your Timeline being the heart of your AEvent account, there are just a few things to know when managing them.

#1, Active Timelines are counted against your total timeline count. Inactive timelines are not. However, do note that when you set a timeline to an archived state, it is exactly that. We don't recommend setting a timeline to archive unless you are done running your online events using it. Anything set to Archive will become immediately inactive.

#2, You CAN duplicate a timeline if you want to make a backup. A duplicated timeline set to an archive state does not count against your total timeline count.

#3, You CAN share your timeline with other users of the AEvent platform.

#4, Delete, is an actual "real" delete. Although it is possible we have a recent backup of your database, once you remove a Timeline and choose to delete it, it's gone.

Please be cautious when clicking around!

#5, We have a Timeline Revisions feature, in which you can restore a Timeline to a previously saved state. To restore, please open the Timeline you are working with, then navigate to 'Revisions' and select a previously saved version of your timeline. Then click on Restore and Save.

🆘 Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. You can easily contact them by clicking on the support bubble located at the bottom of the page.

They'll be more than happy to assist you and ensure your event runs smoothly.

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