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Granular Timeline Scheduling Options

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For Advanced Users Only

AEvent offers a few different scheduling options that affect a couple of different

aspects of your Registrant's experience. We've stashed these advanced options here.

Schedule Blocking - By default, a registrant viewing your Registration Page is going to see the next upcoming Event/s listed, even if one is starting within minutes.

Sometimes (this may feel contrary to standard), but with intention, you may want to "block" out a set amount of days or time before an Event occurs. (Intentionally take someone through your indoctrination series or other valid reasons).

Scheduling blocking allows you to block a set amount of time in front of the next Event option. So even if a registrant visits your page, and there is an Event starting within minutes, if set to +1 day, the option will display tomorrow's Event (or the next scheduled after that).

Start Webinar Video X After/Before Scheduled Start Time - By default, if your Event is set for Automatic or Semi-Automatic, your video will start playing at exactly the scheduled start time.

However, sometimes, you may wish for your video to start either a little before the scheduled time or a little bit afterward.

This setting allows you to finely tune that adjustment while keeping the formal scheduled start time.

Schedule Event Length With Platform Provider For - By default, when scheduling your Event with a Platform Provider (Zoom / GoToWebinar), it will be scheduled as a 1 Hour session. Within this setting you can adjust the length of time in which your Event is scheduled for.

This value is ONLY used for scheduling the Event with the Delivery Platform. Your Event will NOT end early if the value selected here isn't equal to or greater than the length of your Event.

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