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Granular Timeline Scheduling Options

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AEvent offers a few different scheduling options that effect a couple different

aspects of your Registrants Experience. We've stashed these advanced options here.

Schedule Blocking - By default, a registrant viewing your Registration Page is going to see the next upcoming Event/s listed, even if one is starting within minutes.

Sometimes (this may feel contrary to standard), but with intention, you may want to "block" out a set amount of days or time before an Event occurs. (Intentionally take someone through your indoctrination series, or other valid reasons).

Scheduling blocking allows you to block a set amount of time in front of the next Event option. So even if a registrant visits your page, and there is an Event starting within minutes, if set to +1 day, the option will display tomorrows Event (or the next scheduled after that).

Start Webinar Video X After/Before Scheduled Start Time - By default, if your Event is set for Automatic or Semi-Automatic, your video will start playing at exactly the scheduled start time.

However sometimes you may wish for your video to start either a little before the scheduled time, or a little bit afterwards.

This setting allows you to finely tune that adjustment while keeping the formal scheduled start time.

Schedule Event Length With Platform Provider For - By default, when scheduling your Event with a Platform Provider (Zoom / GoToWebinar) it will be scheduled as a 1 Hour session. Within this setting you can adjust the length of time in which your Event is scheduled for.

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