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Viewing the analytics and details of an upcoming Event, adjusting the scheduling of the Event, or Changing the Timing of a Recurring Schedule, OR simply removing an Event can all be handled within the Schedule ➜ Upcoming.

View Upcoming Event Details - By clicking the pie graph relating to your upcoming Event.

Your event details will display information about your event, the number of registrants, phone numbers submitted, and the registration browser and OS used.

Edit Upcoming Event Schedule - By clicking the pencil icon, you can open up the scheduling tool and load your Event (to change the Date or Time).

If the Event you are editing is part of a Recurring Timeline, you have the option to edit either the Single Event or the Recurring Event. Editing the Recurring Event will change ALL Events scheduled, whereas changing the Single Event will only affect itself.

Once you've made the date / time changes you wish to implement, click on Update Event.

(NOTE: IF your Delivery Platform is Zoom or GoToWebinar, you NEED to make the time changes here, and AEvent will automatically make those changes with the delivery platform. Changing the Time or Date within the delivery platform itself will cause errors with your Event, as AEvent isn't aware of those changes.)

Delete an Upcoming Event - By clicking the trash can icon and confirming the popup message, your webinar will be deleted from AEvent AS WELL AS the delivery platform hosting the Event. (Zoom/GoToWebinar).

⚠️ THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE. Use with Caution! The event will be deleted from the Delivery Platform (Zoom/GoToWebinar as well as AEvent) ⚠️

Add a Co-Host / Alternative Host - If your Event is scheduled using either Zoom or GoToWebinar, you'll have the option to add a Support Personnel to the call. Click here to do so.

If Zoom - Select your Alternative Host from the Drop-Down Menu. (Only accounts that are also part of the same Zoom Account/Family will be displayed here).

If GoToWebinar - Enter any Co-Host Name and Email here.

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