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Creating and Integrating ManyChat WhatsApp Templates with AEvent Timeline Actions
Creating and Integrating ManyChat WhatsApp Templates with AEvent Timeline Actions

Want to use ManyChat to send WhatsApp messages to your audience ? Here's how..

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In this step-by-step guide, we'll help you seamlessly connect AEvent and ManyChat WhatsApp and optimize your communication strategy. This will allow you to interact with your audience who have WhatsApp installed on their devices.

At the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to:

  • Create a Message Template

  • Create an automation Flow

  • Set up the integration for an On-Registration event to trigger a Flow

  • Set up a Timeline Action to trigger a Flow

To start off, let's set up Timeline Actions to trigger the Flows we want to use with our registrants.

We can trigger a Flow when our audience registers for our event. We can also set up Timeline Actions that send off different Flows depending on where we are with our event.

How To Create WhatsApp Message Templates Then Send To Review

Before we're able to connect any of the automation flows to AEvent, we need to have Message Templates created and approved to connect to the Flow automations.

💡 When we create our Message template, we'll keep in mind what we want our message to be.

Step 1: Navigate to WhatsApp in Settings

Step 2: Select Message Templates

Step 3: Click on New Template

Step 4: Define The New Template

Step 5: Complete The Template & Custom Fields Samples

Step 6: Send to Review

💪 Now we can go back to our dashboard & see it there Approved.

Alright!! Once we have our templates ready, we can then go and create the Automations, which will be the Flows we connect to within AEvent.

Connecting A Template To An Automation

To set up the Automation, we'll need to go to the Automation setting.

Step 1: Select "Automation" from the Menu, Select Flows
and Under Channels, Select "WhatsApp."

Step 2: Select "New Flow."

Step 3: Select WhatsApp from the Dropdown, and on the top right, Select "Start From Scratch."

Step 3: Select "WhatsApp"

Step 4: Connect The Template to Automation.

With the WhatsApp step selected (it should be already from when we selected it from above):

We'll select "Send within 24 hour window".
Then, from the drop-down, we need to select "outside 24-hour window".

Step 5: Select the Message Template.

When the outside 24-hour window is selected, we're able to see the option to "Choose Message Template."
When selected, a window opens with our templates. Let's select the one we're using for this step.

We need to create a trigger for this Flow to begin.

Step 6: Select The New Trigger.

Step 7: Select "New Contact Created" In "Contact Events."

Step 7: Select "Condition" In "New Contact" & "Opted-In Through API."

Step 8: Select "Save" & "Set Live."

➡️ This is unique to this integration: ⬅️

For the Timeline Actions FLOW, we MUST have the following trigger disabled in our ManyChat WhatsApp Flow/Automation: "Contact Event Occurs."

💥 If we don't set it up this way, it will trigger two messages to be sent off to that registrant, and sometimes they're incomplete messages, and the timing is wrong💥

We'll now see the new Flow in our Automation settings dashboard.

If we select that Flow, we'll see its stats.

That's it! We've created everything we need to start building out this On-Registration Flow. We'll want to set a Message Template and a Flow for each Action we use WhatsApp with.

These are just some examples to model for WhatsApp messaging.

  • On-Registration - Welcome Series

  • Indoctrination series - Build Trust

  • 30mins before - Build Hype and Offer Join link

  • 15mins before - Build Hype and Offer Join link

  • 5mins before - Build Hype and Offer Join link

  • 5mins after - FOMO message

  • 10mins after - FOMO message

  • Non-Attendee follow-up - IF there are other times or encores

How to Trigger Flows


Now that we have the Flow set up in ManyChat WhatsApp, we need to go back into AEvent and set it up to trigger a Flow when someone registers for our event.

Step 1: Turn On The ManyChat WhatsApp Integration

On the AEvent Timeline we're using, under the Integrations setting on the left menu, we go to the integration ManyChat WhatsApp Settings and select the Check Circle to turn it blue.

Step 2: Select "Send Template On Registration" & Select The Flow.

⚠️ NOTE: Select The Right Flow ⚠️

If we have multiple Flows set up in our ManyChat Account, they'll be seen here, EVEN though we're only using ManyChat WhatsApp integration. It's important to make sure we select the right Flow for this Timeline.

Step 3: Select "Custom Fields"

If we click Show, next to the Custom Fields / Personalization, this is where we can see Custom Fields that are connected to our ManyChat WhatsApp account. If we don't have any created yet, we can select Create System Fields, and we have a set of fields to use. Alternatively, if we only want to have one or two, we can Create Single Fields.

Step 4: Select "Save"

Once we have the setting we want to use, click on Save.

This step will trigger the Flow we want our Registrants to see when they sign up for our event.

Congratulations! You now know how to integrate AEvent and ManyChat WhatsApp. You now can trigger your ManyChat WhatsApp Flows when a registrant registers and with AEvents' timeline actions.

Remember that you can set up Actions to use the Flows you have created in ManyChat WhatsApp to happen before, during, and after your event and to the different audiences you have set up.

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