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Integrating ManyChat WhatsApp into your AEvent timeline will allow you to trigger Automation Flows within ManyChat utilizing WhatsApp as the delivery channel.

When your Registrant registers for your event, if they provide their phone number, you can automatically have an Automation Flow triggered On-Registration, anywhere before, during, or after your event, including any dynamic value you wish to send (First Name, Join URL, Time/Day/Week/Month of Webinar in their Time zone, et).

Timeline Actions:

Adding ManyChat WhatsApp To AEvent

In order to add your ManyChat WhatsApp Integration, you will need to first navigate to Integrations within AEvent, click Add Integration, and then select ManyChat WhatsApp.

  • Then name your integration as you see fit, and click 'Add.'

Next, you will need to log into your ManyChat account.

  • Once logged in, locate the Gear Icon for your Settings and click on it.

  • Scroll down and select the API option, which allows you to retrieve your API key.

  • Copy the API key and store it in a notepad, as this value we need when we integrate to AEvent.

Note: If you haven't created an API key before, you may need to generate a new one by clicking the appropriate option.

Next, return to the Integration Pop-Up Window inside AEvent and enter your ManyChat WhatsApp API Key.

Once your ManyChat WhatsApp account has been successfully added, you will see its Connected state, and you will be able to click on 'Test.'

A successful connection will yield a positive test result. Congratulations, your ManyChat WhatsApp account is now successfully connected to AEvent!

Creating Message Templates And Submitting For Approval

Before you can connect any of the Automations to AEvent, we need to have Message Templates created and approved to connect to the Automations.

When you create your Message template keep in mind what you want your message to be, you can only edit once in a 24 hour period.

  • Go to Settings

  • Under Channels, Select WhatsApp

  • Below the WhatsApp title, select Message Templates.

  • Click on the New Template button.

  • Start with Naming the Template and selecting the Template Category, then select the Languages you are using.

  • Next, fill out the rest of the template.

    • Remember to make sure that you provide samples of the system/custom fields you are using.

  • You are able to see what the message will look like on the mockup on the right.

  • Once you are done editing the template, go to the top of the template and select Send To Review.

  • When you go back to your dashboard, you will see it will most likely be Approved.

⚠️ Note: All though the approval is quick, it could take several minutes.⚠️

Alright!! Once you have your templates ready, you then can go and create the Automations, which we will connect to within AEvent.

Connecting A Template To An Automation

Step 1: Select "Automation", Select "My Automations"

Step 2: Select "New Automation"

Step 3: Select WhatsApp from the Dropdown, and on the top right, Select "Start From Scratch"

Step 3: Select "WhatsApp"

Step 4: Connect The Template to Automation.

With the WhatsApp step selected (it should be already from when we selected it from above):

We'll select "Send within 24 hour window".
Then, from the drop-down, we need to select "outside 24-hour window".

Step 5: Select the Message Template.

When the outside 24-hour window is selected, we're able to see the option to "Choose Message Template." When selected, a window opens with our templates.

Let's select the one we're using for this step.

We do not need to select the "Choose Next Step"

Step 6: Select "Set Live"

Step 7: Go back to Automation and you will see your Automation

You will want to do this for all of the templates you want to use for your event.

Creating Automations is the only way for AEvent to find them to add to your Timeline

Configuring The ManyChat WhatsApp Integration Within A Timeline

Step 1: Select The timeline you are going to use

Step 2: Select "Integrations"

Step 3: Select the Cogwheel for Settings

Step 4: Select "Send Automation On Registration"
Then Select The Automation from the drop-down

And that is it for setting up a ManyChat WhatsApp message to be sent to all of your Registrants. Do not forget to set your custom fields here as well.

Creating A Timeline Action to Send a ManyChat WhatsApp Flow

How to send messages before, during, and/or after the event.

Step 1: Go to the timeline you want to use your Manychat WhatsApp on

Step 2: On the day the WhatsApp Automation is to trigger
click "Create Action"

Step 3: Set the Action up with the Automation
you want to use and Click Create

You will see it in your timeline

Now this is the same setup for each Action you want to use to use your ManyChat WhatsApp Automations.

That's it! We've created everything we need to start building out On-Registration Automations and Timeline Action Automations.

We'll want to set up a Message Template and Automation for each Action we use WhatsApp with. Below you will find some Best Practices when using WhatsApp

How To Reconnect ManyChat WhatsApp

If you are encountering issues with your ManyChat WhatsApp integration, it is possible that your API information has changed from ManyChat WhatsApp, has been reset, or has been closed. If you click 'Test' and it is NOT successful, the first step we recommend is reconnecting your integration.

By clicking Re-Connect, you will need to re-enter your ManyChat WhatsApp API authentication.

Once your ManyChat WhatsApp account has been successfully added, you will see its Connected state, and you will be able to click on 'Test'.

A successful connection will yield a positive test result. Congratulations, your ManyChat WhatsApp account is now successfully connected to AEvent!

How To Remove ManyChat WhatsApp

If you want to remove your ManyChat WhatsApp integration from AEvent, you need to navigate to Integrations, locate your ManyChat WhatsApp integration, and click on the trashcan icon.

You then will be prompted to confirm deletion.

(NOTE: Removing this integration will immediately affect its use with any timelines that it is active in.)

If you are experiencing issues with this integration but do not desire to REMOVE it, we recommend reconnecting it instead. This will allow it's configuration to

continue as set within your timelines.

Once you confirm removal, the integration within AEvent no longer exists.

🆘 Help Is Here 🆘

If you have any questions about this Integration, please reach out to our Support Team with any questions about the ManyChat and AEvent Integration.

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