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Creating and Integrating Wati Template Messages with AEvent Timeline Actions
Creating and Integrating Wati Template Messages with AEvent Timeline Actions

Want to use Wati to send Template Messages to your audience ? Here's how...

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In this step-by-step guide, we'll help you seamlessly connect AEvent and Wati and optimize your communication strategy. This will allow you to interact with your audience who have the Wati App installed on their devices.

At the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to:

  • Find Your API

  • Create a Message Template

  • Create Template Messages

  • Set up the integration for an On-Registration event to trigger the sending of a Wati Template Message

  • Set up a Timeline Action to trigger the sending of a Wati Template Message

To start off, let's set up Timeline Actions to trigger the Template Message you want to use with your registrants.

We can trigger a Wati Template Message when your audience registers for your event.
We can also set up Wati Timeline Actions that send off different Wati Template Messages depending on where you are with your event.

How To Find Your API Info For Wati

You will need to get the Access Token and your API Endpoint to integrate Wati with AEvent.

Step 1: You need to log into your Wati account.

  • In the Menu at the top, select API Docs.

Step 2: Copy the Access Token and your API Endpoint.

On this page, you will see the Access Token and your API Endpoint.

You will need them to add into AEvent when you connect the accounts.

Create Wati Template Messages Then Submit To Review

Before we're able to connect any of the Template Messages to AEvent, we need to have Message Templates created and approved to connect.

Step 1: From Your Wati Dashboard, Go To Broadcast.

Step 2: Go To Template Messages On The Left Menu.

Step 3: Click on New Template Message.

Step 4: Choose From Starting From Scratch
or Use A Template.

Step 5: Fill Out The Create Template Message Form.
When Complete, Click on Save and Submit.


Once you return to your Template Messages dashboard,
you will see the Status as Pending.
Refresh the page, and it should show Approved if it is all set.

Alright!! Once we have our templates ready, we can then go and create the Automations, which will be the Flows we connect to within AEvent.

💪 Pro Tip:

You can use a number of Template Messages.
So, plan how you want to message your registrants, attendees, and non-attendees.
Here are a couple of ideas you can model.

  • On-Registration - Welcome Series

  • Indoctrination series - Build Trust

  • 30mins before - Build Hype and Offer Join link

  • 15mins before - Build Hype and Offer Join link

  • 5mins before - Build Hype and Offer Join link

  • 5mins after - FOMO message and Offer Join link

  • 10mins after - FOMO message and Offer Join link

  • Non-Attendee follow-up - IF there are other times or encores

How To Add Wati To AEvent

In order to add your Wati Integration, you will need to:

Step 1: Navigate to Integrations within AEvent, click Add Integration, and then search and select Wati.

Step 2: Name your integration as you see fit
and click 'Add.'

⚠️ NOTE: How To Test Integration⚠️

Once your Wati account has been successfully added,
you will see its Connected state,
and you will be able to click on 'Test.'

A successful connection will yield a positive test result.

Congratulations, your Wati account is now successfully connected to AEvent!

How To Trigger Your Template Messages


Now that we have the Template Messages set up in Wati, we need to go back into AEvent and set it up to trigger the templates when someone registers for your event.

Step 1: Turn On The Wati Integration Within AEvent.

🗒️ NOTE: 🗒️

As long as you have Activated the integration, you are good to use it for your Timeline Actions.

  • If you wish to only use Wati through a timeline action and not when someone registers for your event, you can skip the rest of this step.

Step 2: Click the Cog Wheel for the Integration's Settings for On-Registration Action.

  • Select the Send WhatsApp Template on registration checkbox.

  • Select the Template you want to use.

Step 3: Select Show to see the Custom Fields (Personalization).

  • NOTE: You will be shown the Contact Attributes from your Wati account.

  • You will want to connect them to AEvent as shown above ⬆️, to use the Add Variable in your Template Messages shown below ⬇️.

Step 4: Click Update Settings.

💪 Pro Tip

If you want to add another field without going back into your Wati account,
​you can select the Create Single Field here in the settings
​and it will add it to your Wati Account.

That is it! You have set up your Wati integration to trigger when someone registers for your Event.

How To Trigger Your Template Messages

Timeline Action Trigger

You can set up to send a message for just about anything you want to and to the correct audience.

Step 1: From the timeline, click "Create Action" on the top right.

Step 2: Under When Timeline Action On Event Day.

  • Select Before or After.

    • Setting up an Action on any other day, you will not see the Before and After toggle.

  • Set the time you want it to be sent.

Step 3: Under Who.

  • Select your Audience (e.g., if set to Before, you'll only see Registrants. If it were set for After, you would see the rest of your Audiences).

Step 4: Under What.

  • Select Wati -> The only option is Send WhatsApp Template.

    • Then select the Template Message you want to use.

Step 5: Click "Create" When All Set.

This is how it will look on your timeline.

Congratulations! You now know how to integrate AEvent and Wati. You can now trigger your Wati when a registrant registers and with AEvents' timeline actions.

Remember that you can set up Actions to use the Flows you have created in Wati to happen before, during, and after your event and to the different audiences you have set up.

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