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Send your Message Templates Automatically with Wati and AEvent Integrated

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Integrating Wati into your AEvent timeline will allow you to trigger Message Templates by utilizing Wati as the delivery channel.

When your Registrant registers for your event if they provide their phone number, you can automatically have a trigger for On-Registration and anywhere before, during, or after your event, including any dynamic value you wish to send (First Name, Join URL, Time/Day/Week/Month of Webinar in their Time zone, etc.)

Timeline Actions:

How to find your API info for Wati

You will need to get the Access Token and your API Endpoint to integrate Wati with AEvent.

To find your Access Token and your API Endpoint

  • You need to log into your Wati account.

  • In the Menu at the top, select API Docs.

  • On this page, you will see the Access Token and your API Endpoint.

  • You will need the Access Token and your API Endpoint to add into AEvent when you go to connect the account.

Adding Wati to AEvent

In order to add your Wati Integration, you will need to:

  • Navigate to Integrations within AEvent, click Add Integration, and then search and select Wati.

  • Then name your integration as you see fit, and click 'Add.'

Once your Wati account has been successfully added, you will see its Connected state, and you will be able to click on 'Test.'

A successful connection will yield a positive test result.

Congratulations, your Wati account is now successfully connected to AEvent!

Configuring the Wati Integration within a Timeline

Go to the timeline you want to use Wati on and go to the integration settings:

  • Find Wati and toggle it on.

๐Ÿ—’๏ธ NOTE: ๐Ÿ—’๏ธ

As long as you have Activated the integration, you are good to use it for your Timeline Actions.

  • If you wish to only use Wati through a timeline action and not when someone registers for your event, you can skip the rest of this step.

Click the Cog Wheel for the Integration's Settings for On-Registration Action

  • Select the Send WhatsApp Template on registration checkbox.

  • Select the Template you want to use.

  • Then you can select Show to see the Custom Fields (Personalization).

  • You will want to connect them to AEvent as shown above โฌ†๏ธ, to use the Add Variable in your Template Messages shown below โฌ‡๏ธ.

  • NOTE: You will be shown the Contact Attributes from your Wati account.

๐Ÿ’ช Pro Tip

If you want to add another field without going back into your Wati account, you can select the Create Single Field here in the settings and create one here; it will add it to your Wati Account.

That is it! You have set up your Wati integration to trigger when someone registers for your Event.

Creating Wati Template Messages and submitting for approval

Before you are able to send any of the Template Messages with AEvent, we need to have Template Messages created and approved to connect.

  • Go to Wati.

  • From your dashboard, select Broadcast.

  • From the menu on the left, select Template Messages.

  • If you need to create a template, select New Template Messages.

  • Start with either Start From Scratch or Use A Template.

  • For whatever one you choose make sure that you fill out all the info you need to and that the Message is what you want, you cannot edit them when you are done.

    • You would need to delete it and start a new one.

  • Once you are done editing the template, go to the top of the template and select Save And Submit.

  • When you go back to your dashboard, you will see it Pending, but if you refresh it, it will show Approved.

Alright!! Once you have your templates ready, you then can go and create the Actions in AEvent that will send them to your audiences.

Creating a Timeline action to send a Wati Template Message

From the timeline you're using, click "Create Action" on the top right.

  • Under When

    • If you are setting Timeline Actions, the Event Day.

    • Select when you want the action to take place, Before or After.

      • If you are setting up an Action on any other day from the Event Day, you will not see the Before and After toggle.

  • Under Who

    • Select your Audience.

  • Under What

    • Select Wati -> the only option is Send WhatsApp Template.

      • Then select the Template Message you want to use.

  • When you have your action set up, click "Create".

  • This is how it will look on your timeline.

How to reconnect Wati

If you are encountering issues with your Wati integration, it is possible that your API information has changed from Wati, has been reset, or has been closed.

  • If you click 'Test' and it is NOT successful, first step we recommend is reconnecting your integration.

  • By clicking Re-Connect, you will need to re-enter your Wati details for the API authentication purpose.

  • Once your Wati account has been successfully added, you will see its Connected state, and you will be able to click on 'Test.'

  • A successful connection will yield a positive test result.

Congratulations, your Wati account is now successfully re-connected to AEvent!

How to remove Wati

If you want to remove your Wati integration from AEvent, you need to:

  • Navigate to Integrations.

  • Locate your Wati integration and click on the Trashcan icon.

  • You will then be prompted to confirm the deletion.

Once you confirm removal, the integration within AEvent no longer exists.

โš ๏ธ NOTE: โš ๏ธ

Removing this integration will immediately affect

its use with any timelines that it is active in.

If you are experiencing issues with this integration but do not desire to REMOVE it, we recommend reconnecting it instead.

This will allow its configuration to continue as set within your timelines.

๐Ÿ†˜ Help Is Here ๐Ÿ†˜

If you have any questions about this Integration, please reach out to our Support Team with any questions about the Wati and AEvent Integration.

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