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Integrating Google Sheets Automations with AEvent Timeline Actions
Integrating Google Sheets Automations with AEvent Timeline Actions

Want to use timeline actions to pass segmented audiences to Google Sheets? Here's how...

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AEvent has the native ability to add any of your registrant segmented audiences to Google Sheets using Timeline actions. In order to achieve this, there are a few items that need to be set up.

In this tutorial, we're building out a single webinar timeline that includes adding actions for sending our desired audiences to Google Sheets.

In order to achieve this, we need to create the desired segmented audiences and then the timeline actions within AEvent, which will add them to Google Sheets at set times after the webinar.

As best practice, we like to target cart abandoner audiences, as they are the "hottest" of the registrants, and add them to the spreadsheet after the webinar.

So, we need to create the timeline action that will add the audience to the spreadsheet exactly at the time we define.

β˜‘οΈ Remember:

We create the spreadsheet in Google Sheets when setting up this integration

to create the spreadsheet, cart abandoner

(which also creates them within Aevent).

Creating A New Audience

Next, within our AEvent account, we're going to create a new cart abandoner audience, who will be targeted by the actions we create on the timeline.

Open your AEvent account and navigate to Audience.

Step 1: We need to create the audience

Step 2: Name the audience

Step 3: Add the conditions & URLs for the audience

Now, we just need to add the action to the timeline and connect it to Google Sheets.

And that's it!

Once we've created and added the action to the timeline, as shown above, it will look like this:

πŸ““ Note: πŸ““

Only after the webinar ends can we target the various audiences we've created

And that's it! With the automation we've now created in AEvent and Google Sheets, the registrants that are defined as cart abandoners for the webinar will be sent to Google Sheets 3 hours after the start of the webinar.

So we've walked through creating the spreadsheet in Google Sheets and creating a timeline action within AEvent using Google Sheets Add to Spreadsheet. We also created the audience segmentation and defined the conditions for that audience, i.e., what page they visited & what page they didn't.

πŸ‘ Best Practice

We aim to target the "hottest audiences," which are cart-abandoners and saw cta-didn't buy. So, if we want to add other audiences, the process is exactly the same.

☝️ Final Note:

To create an automation using an Add-Tag on registration, the setup process would be the same.

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