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Event Scheduling Overlap Error
Event Scheduling Overlap Error

Trying to schedule an Event but receiving an error? Here's why.

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Are you receiving an overlap error pop-up when trying to schedule your Event? Well, this is likely the cause.

In this article, we'll learn why you are getting the "Overlapped" error when scheduling events and how to avoid this from happening.


If you're receiving the "Overlapped" error when attempting to schedule an Event, the cause is scheduling too close to another event scheduled using the same Delivery Platform Integration.

❗❗ Check Event Length ❗❗

  • Check your "Event Automation" by going to the "Event Info" section of your timeline that is scheduled.

  • You'll see the time set for webinar length if in "Manual" mode.

  • If it's set to "Semi Automatic", the webinar time is defined according to the length of the video + the manual time defined.

  • If it's set to "Automatic," the webinar time is defined according to the length of the video.

  • If you have a Countdown Room, that will also count towards the total webinar time of either an Automatic Event or a Semi-Automatic Event.

⚠️ NOTE ⚠️

The system adds 10 minutes between events as a buffer, so make sure you plan accordingly.

For any questions, please contact our Support team, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

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