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Zoom Meetings + AEvent Automation Settings
Zoom Meetings + AEvent Automation Settings

There are a few specific settings for Zoom Meetings + AEvent to work flawlessly...

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Planning to use Zoom Meetings with AEvent? Are you running into a scheduling error while trying to schedule your timeline using Zoom meetings?

There are a few key settings that need to be set correctly within your Zoom account.

Whether you are just setting up your Zoom Integration now or you were trying to schedule an Event and ran into an error, following the guidelines below will help ensure AEvent is able to automate your Zoom Meetings.

There are 2 Lists. First is a list of all REQUIRED setting changes. The Second list is of all Best Practices / Recommended changes.

Required Settings

Once you log in to your account, On the left navigation menu, click on Settings. The first four are all located under Meeting.

REQUIRED #1, Enable - Meeting Passcode (ONLY).

For AEvent to automate your Zoom Meeting, it is imperative that this setting has ONLY Meeting Passcode enabled. The other 2 settings must be disabled, as shown in the image below.

REQUIRED #2, ENABLE - Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join.

By enabling this option, your viewer will be able to join your Zoom event seamlessly without any friction.


REQUIRED #3, DISABLE - Only authenticated meeting participants and webinar attendees can join meetings and webinars.

Unless you want to apply friction to someone joining your Meeting, you will want to disable this option and not require that your attendees be logged into a Zoom account when joining.

REQUIRED #4, DISABLE - Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting.

If this setting is left enabled, AEvent will be unable to segment your audience after a Zoom Meeting.

REQUIRED #5, DISABLE - Local Recording (Under Recording)

Our automated computers cannot record your video locally, and because of this, you must disable this setting within your Zoom account for us to automate your meeting.

Recommended Settings

RECOMMENDED #1, DISABLE - Participants can request host to start cloud recording.

We recommend disabling the ability of meeting attendees to request cloud recording. (They might get frustrated if not approved)


If you plan on joining your Zoom Meeting to handle live engagement or host a semi-automated Meeting, you will need to enable the Co-host option.

RECOMMENDED #3, DISABLE - Allow Participants to join before host

Unless you'd like your registrants to join before yourself, or the automated computer make sure to disable this option..

RECOMMENDED #4, ENABLE - Meeting-HD Video Quality

Using a Full Motion Video + Zoom HD within your timeline settings? Click enable here to ensure higher quality potential for your attendees.

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