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How To Co-Host With AEvent Automation And Zoom
How To Co-Host With AEvent Automation And Zoom

Want to come onto your automated Zoom Event as a Co-Host? Answer questions, or perhaps take over and present? Here are the keys...

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add a co-host to your automated Zoom webinar hosted by AEvent. Co-hosts can assist during the webinar, manage participants, handle Q&A, and provide additional support. By following these steps, you'll ensure a smooth collaboration between the automated computer and the co-host.

By the end of this tutorial, you will know how to:

1. Set up a secondary user with a Zoom license.

2. Add the secondary user account as a CoHost to an AEvent Timeline

3. Join the webinar as a co-host without interrupting the automated computer.

4. Take over as a presenter if needed during a semi-automated webinar.

There are some very important notes at the end of this tutorial that you MUST be aware of.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Set up a Secondary User with a Zoom License

In the screenshot below, we have 3 accounts. The first one highlighted is the account that is set up with AEvent.

The second and third accounts are for Co-Hosts / Support Personnel. These are the accounts that we will use to join as a co-host (NEVER use the account that is set up with AEvent unless the timeline automation is set for 'Manual')

- Ensure you have a secondary user in your Zoom account who is licensed (this does not necessarily need the webinar add-on if using Zoom Webinars).

- If you don't have a secondary user, go to your Zoom Main account, purchase an additional license, then create the new user account.

Step 2: Select the new user account within your AEvent Timeline

Login to your AEvent account (https// and open the timeline in which you would like to add a cohost to

Navigate to Timeline -> Advanced -> Alternative Hosts, click on Add Alternative Host.

On the popover window, select the integration you wish to use, then click Refresh (If you've just created a new user).

Select the account associated as the co-host, then click Create and Save.

Step 2.1: Webinar Already Scheduled? How to add

- In your Zoom account, go to the webinars section.

- Find the webinar you scheduled through AEvent and click "Edit."

- Scroll down to the "Alternate Hosts" section.

- Enter the email address of the secondary user associated with your Zoom account.

- Click "Save" to add the alternate host.

Step 3: Join the Webinar as a Co-Host without Interrupting the Automated Computer

- When the webinar is about to start, make sure you are not signed into the Zoom account that is hosting the webinar (if fully automated) on both your web browser and your Zoom desktop app.

- Open the email invitation you received as the alternate host from AEvent.

- Click on the provided link to join the webinar and sign in using the credentials associated with that Zoom Account

We highly recommend ensuring both your Microphone is on mute and your video camera is turned off.

IF you as co-host need to leave the webinar or meeting and do not wish to END the webinar, you MUST click 'Leave Meeting' and not 'End Meeting.'

Step 4: Take Over as a Presenter (Semi-Automated Webinar)

- If you plan to take over as a presenter during a semi-automated webinar, join the webinar as Co-Host prior to the video ending.

- Ensure you mute yourself upon joining to avoid audio interruptions.

- You can manage participant visibility, handle Q&A, and perform other host functions.

- When it's time for you to present, either share your screen or unmute yourself; you can make yourself Host, or you can allow the automated computer to display the last frame of the video while handling Q&A.

- Engage with participants, answer questions, or conclude your presentation.

In this tutorial, you learned how to co-host a Zoom webinar with automation using AEvent.

You set up a secondary user with a Zoom license and set up the Co-Host with the AEvent Timeline.

You also discovered how to take over as a presenter during a semi-automated webinar. By following these steps, you can effectively collaborate and provide seamless support during your webinars. From a simple support point of view to a full-on Live Closure.


When you join as a co-host, MAKE SURE you are not logged into the same account that is hosting the Zoom Webinar. You NEED to be logging in using the secondary co-host account. This is imperative.

When you join as a co-host unless you want to share your camera and mic, make sure they are turned off.

IF you need to leave the Meeting / Webinar as a Co-Host, when you go to leave, make sure you 'Leave Meeting' and NOT 'End Meeting.'


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