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On Event Join Welcome Message
On Event Join Welcome Message

Delivery Platform: AStream

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You can setup your AStream Timeline to automatically send an on-join, or a delayed on-join message to your Live Attendees.

Use case here, is to Welcome someone to your Event a minute or two after joining, Perhaps it's to engage or incite some response from them 10 or 15 minutes into their viewing of your presentation.

There can be an unlimited amount of these messages set to be sent. However as a Best Practice we recommend using this to initially engage with your Attendee when they join, however since this is sent at a time in relation to when they Join, it is impossible to use this chat to target precise times in your Presentation.

To do that you would use our Timeline Action, Live Chat to Audience.

To review a tutorial on how to setup an action to send a message at an exact minute within the presentation, click here

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