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The sections below cover in detail all the abilities that our native AStream Like-Live platform offers for customizable Viewer options, enabling you to turn our platform into your own. From Logo Rebranding to Live Chat / Chat Roll options, find it all here.

Time Counter

The Time Counter is visible in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and can either Count Up (from start of the Event), Count Down (until the end of the Event), is Disabled / Hidden.


Live Stream Image - If showing our platform shows a Live Stream logo in both the upper right hand corner, as well as within the video-player itself.

Pre-Webinar Background - In the screenshot below, we can see the Countdown Room / Pre-Event Room. The background showing in our screenshot is the default. You can select your own here.

AEvent Logo - In the screen shot above, in the upper left corner you can see an AEvent logo. Making a selection here would replace that logo with your own.
(Upload to your Media/Images and then you can then select it here)

Favicon - By default the tab opened to our AStream platform will have an AEvent-logo .ico. However you can customize this to your logo by uploading an .ico of your own.

There are strict limits on favicon icon sizes. For most browsers, we recommend using 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 pixels.

(Here is a free online site to help you convert any image you have to an .ico)

Live Audience Count

AStream's player allows for 3 types of 'Live Audience Count'.

#1, Show True, exactly as it sounds.

#2, Hide, This as well, exactly as it sounds, when selected the Viewer count will not be visible.

#3, Peak, This feature allows you to simulate a live audience, further adding to the like-live feel of the AStream platform.

With Peak, there are 6 values that need to be defined. And we will walk through how these correspond to the simulated event from the image above and information below.

At the Start of the webinar, there will be 10 (Start Attendees), the surge point is defined as 2 (Surge Point Time Minutes). So between the start of the webinar, and 2 minutes in the count will raise from 10 to 23 (Surge Point Attendees). Then from 2 minutes until 15 (Peak Time Minutes) the count will rise from 23 to 40 (Peak Attendees). Then from the 15 minute mark until the (End) of the webinar, it will drop to 18 (End Attendees).

The flow in which the numbers move are mimicked to be as realistic as possible. The example above would be for a short 30 Event, in which the link drop was before the 15 minute mark. We suggest using the Surge Point, as that first 10-15 minutes when a webinar starts getting heated up. The Peak Time being your Call to Action time, first time you drop the link, price point, etc.


IF a Secondary Video is selected within the Event Details setting, an option to select the secondary video as the audio source is presented here.

As an SOP, we DO recommend using the audio source from the secondary video, as opposed to the primary video, as to ensure the presenters lips and audio.

Live Chat

There are 3 different options when it comes to Live Chat and it's use with AStream.

#1, Disabled, there is simply no interface for chat on the platform.

#2, Show All Chat to Everyone, As it sounds, all attendees can engage with each other as well as any Support personnel.

#3, Only Support Sees Attendee Messages, This will keep all chat private between your attendees and your support staff.

Show Timestamp, If enabled it presents a timestamp of when the message was sent.

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