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Import Auto Chat Messages
Import Auto Chat Messages

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AStream Advanced Users Only

AStream supports the import of pre-created auto-chat roll.

You can create a Timeline Action for an Auto Chat to Audience. If you would like to review a tutorial on how to setup a Timeline action to accomplish for a single action, please review 'Creating a Timeline Action to send an Automatic Chat MSG to Attendees'.

This feature supports the import of a CSV file filled out with up to 500 messages.

The format of the CSV is NO HEADER (Yes, our example above shows a header; this is JUST for example purposes.)

Time - (In minutes from the start of the Event)

Name - (First / Last, Up to You)

Msg - (In it's entirety)

Replying to - (If the message is a response/reply to someone's previous message and isn't required.)

Once you import your CSV and it is successful, you'll be able to see the individual actions created within your Timeline.

BONUS: You can use our Personalization Menu to personalize the outgoing timed message so it connects with your Live Attendees a bit stronger!

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