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Import Auto Chat Messages
Import Auto Chat Messages

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AStream Advanced Users Only

AStream supports the import of pre-created auto-chat roll.

You can create a Timeline Action for an Auto Chat to Audience. If you would like to review a tutorial on how to setup a Timeline action to accomplish for a single action, please review 'Creating a Timeline Action to send an Automatic Chat MSG to Attendees'.

This feature supports the import of a CSV file filled out with up to 500 messages.


Where "After" is the number of seconds into the webinar the chat fires.


Name | Message | After


The tabs in your file should work but if there are issues you may need to switch to commas.


name, message, after


The order doesn't matter as long as the columns match the headers as it looks for the index of name (or from), message (or msg), and after (or time).

Once you import your CSV and it is successful, you'll be able to see the individual actions created within your Timeline.

BONUS: You can use our Personalization Menu to personalize the outgoing timed message so it connects with your Live Attendees a bit stronger!

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