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Keep your Branding in your Zone and on your Branded Domain..

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Your AEvent Timeline, by default, is configured to use our default domain selection as well as default Join & Replay Links.

AEvent supports CNAME Domains, as well as offering a small collection of different 'Join Event' style links.

By default, AEvent will use:

AStream Delivery Domain:

So when a Registrant registers for your Event, their join link will look like

if using AStream for the delivery platform, when they're in the Event, it'll be

Custom Domain Selection - By implementing a Custom Domain integration, you are able to retain your domain and branding. In the example below, we've set up a CNAME Domain integration with Now the join link will look like The replay link will appear as, and if using AStream, the URL for the Event will be

You do NOT have to use a CNAME Domain in order to somewhat customize the Join links shared with your registrants. We do offer a small collection of unique Join-Event type links.

Selecting one of the options in the Join Link Use dropdown will change the default join link from to (If you had selected

Simply Select what you would like to use, click on Update, and now your Timeline will utilize either the Custom Domain you've selected OR the Specialized Join Link!

Heads UP: YES, you can use your CNAME Integration with MORE THAN 1 Timeline at a time.

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