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Custom Domains

Want to pair up your Domain or Sub Domain to AEvent? We can do that!

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Ever want to use YOUR domain everywhere? Ever feel frustrated being unable to?

With our Custom Domain 'CNAME' integration, we enable you to keep your branding consistent throughout your entire event, even down to the URL addresses being used.

Once set up, this integration enables you to use your domain or your sub-domain as your join URL and replay URL. AND fully enables you to re-brand our like-live streaming platform (AEvent.Stream) to your Domain!

Now, all messaging from all integrations will include YOUR brand / YOUR URL.

Timeline Use:

Adding your CName Domain to AEvent

In order to setup your CNAME domain to work seamlessly with AEvent, there are 2 steps that need to take place, and in order.

Step #1,

We need to create your CNAME domain and point it to

In this tutorial, we'll go through this task using Cloudflare. We'll add a sub-domain ( as an integration into AEvent.

(At the bottom of this Tutorial, we've linked the help articles for setting up your CNAME with most top domain providers). If yours isn't listed, we're sorry! Usually, if you google 'Service Name CNAME setup tutorial,' the top link will be to your provider's tutorial.

First we'll login to Cloudflare, and navigate to the domain we are using

Then, click on DNS, as we need to create a CNAME record.

Once DNS Records has loaded, click on Add record.

For Type, select CNAME.

For Name, since we plan to use as the full name here we'll enter 'tutorial'.

(You can name the sub-domain whatever you like. etc)

For Target, it is required to be ''

And make sure Proxy Status is Proxied (Orange), then click Save

Once created you can verify it's addition within the DNS records listing for this domain.

You're now complete with Step #1.

Step #2,

It's time to add your newly created CNAME domain into AEvent as a Custom Domain Integration.

In order to do that, you will need to navigate to Integrations within AEvent, click Add Integration, and then search / select Custom Domain.

Then, name your integration as you see fit and click 'Add.' (We highly recommend naming this integration the same name as the sub-domain or domain you are setting up.)

When you click on 'Add,' a pop-up will appear. Please enter your full domain that is being used here. (DO NOT include http:// or https://)

Default Redirect value is optional, it is not a required field.

Once entered, select continue, and this has been successfully added. You will see its Connected state, and you will be able to click on 'Test'.

A successful connection will yield a positive test result. Congratulations, your Drip account is now successfully connected to AEvent!

Configuring your CName Domain to use within a Timeline

In order to utilize your Custom Domain with your event, you need to activate it within the timeline you are on.

To do this, open the timeline you are working with.

Then select Advanced, scroll down to Domain Selection, and click on Edit.

Next, in the dropdown menu, select the Custom Domain Integration you wish to use, and click on Update.

Your Custom Domain is now configured for use within this timeline. Any Join Link or Replay Links received by your registrants will use your URL.

If this timeline is configured to work with our AEvent.Stream Like-Live platform,

your domain will now host the live viewer of your webinar. You can further white-label our like-live system using your Branding / Logos / Icons / Etc.

How to remove your Cname Domain from AEvent

If you want to remove your Custom Domain from AEvent, you need to navigate to Integrations, locate your Custom Domain integration, and click on the trashcan icon.

You then will be prompted to confirm deletion.

(NOTE: Removing this integration will immediately affect its use with any timelines that it is active in, as well as any and all previous and present links that have been sent.)

If you are experiencing issues with this integration but do not desire to REMOVE it, we recommend reconnecting it instead. This will allow it's configuration to

continue as set within your timelines.

Once you confirm removal, the integration within AEvent no longer exists.

FAQ: How do I set up a CNAME Domain with my registrar/host?

Below is a list of the Top Domain Providers with a link to their 'How-To create a CNAME record for your domain' tutorials:

If we do not have CNAME record set-up instructions for your specific host, these directions should help you make the necessary changes.

  1. Log in to your account setup with your hosting provider for your custom domain

  2. Navigate to the DNS management section or page of your hosting provider

  3. Find a section called CNAME records

  4. Create a new CNAME record for your subdomain

    • For example, if you picked "" as your custom domain, create the CNAME record for "tutorial"

    • If you're using the root domain "" create the record for "@"

  5. For the Destination or Points to value, paste in the CNAME value ''

  6. Save your changes.

CNAMEs can take 48 hours to propagate.

That means after you complete the above steps, you may need to wait 24-48 hours before your CNAME is properly setup and forwarding. Best way to test? Go to https://Your_New_CNAME_Domain/test

did it take you to the specified Root domain you set up when you created the integration?

If you've followed these steps and are still experiencing difficulties with your Custom Domain, take a screenshot of your current DNS setup and contact us by clicking on the messaging widget at the bottom of this screen.

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