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Using AEvent Built-In Replay System

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Your AEvent Timeline includes an automatic replay system. (We don't host your replay page, but we provide the time-limited access and scarcity elements.)

This allows restricted access to your replay page, enabling you to keep your replay page not only evergreen but also restricted and with dynamic elements.

The access allowed and any time elements used on the page (countdown timer to expiration, day of week / time, etc.) will be forever-dynamic and tailored to that specific registrant, regardless of how many times your AEvent Timeline is scheduled to run in a day or week.

Once your registrant is outside of the replay sequence (duration is defined in this tool), your registrant is automatically directed to your 'Expired Page.'

This tool works the same way for All Delivery Platform Types EXCEPT AConversion.

If your Replay Sequence is left in the Disabled state after your webinar, your registrant will be automatically redirected to whatever you have defined as your 'Expired Page URL'.

Replay Page URL - Define the full address of your replay page here. Make sure to include HTTPS://

Duration - The duration defined here will be precisely from the time in which they registered for your Event. Once the duration has expired, if a registrant clicks any link received regarding their Event, they will be automatically redirected to the expired page. If the link clicked is within the timespan of the replay sequence, they will be redirected to the Replay Page URL.

Expire at Midnight - Every AEvent account has a Time Zone selected (to change yours, head to your account settings). 'Expire at Midnight' ensures that the expiration of the replay is always at midnight in the Time Zone in which your account is located. This way, a replay doesn't expire at an odd time of the day.



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