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Registration Form Fields
Registration Form Fields
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By default, our form will capture for you Name / Email and Phone (if a phone number-related integration is activated on the Timeline).

With a few clicks, AEvent is able to capture additional form fields. Whether this be a field in the form itself that the lead fills out OR a field that is passed through (AffiliateID, TrackingID, UTM values, etc.)

Capturing an additional form field - Say you want to ask someone an additional field of information on your registration form. Maybe it's their age or their income bracket; whatever the case, maybe it is quite easy.

By selecting Custom Forms and adding the field name of Age, my form will now prompt my visitors for their age, in addition to their Name, Email, and Phone Number.

If you are using our JS Form code, this will automatically be updated to reflect the new field being captured.
If you are using our Code-Level Form, you will need to update the form code on your page to fully make this change.

By selecting Query and adding in the field name of utm_source, my form will now automatically capture the utm_source parameter from the address bar and pass this information into AEvent with the other registration information.

Whether you are using our JS form, or Code-Level Form implementation, this update will happen automatically once you click on 'Add'.

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