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Passing Variables onto Confirmation Page URL from Registration Page
Passing Variables onto Confirmation Page URL from Registration Page

Need to include values captured in the registration, onto the Confirmation Page URL? Here's how..

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to capture any value on Registration and pass the value onto your Confirmation page in the URL return string. (Address Bar)

As an example, in this tutorial, we will be passing the captured utm_source from the registration page and passing that value onto this Confirmation page.

Step 1: Capturing Value on Registration Page

First, we'll need to tell AEvent which values you would like to capture and pass onto your Confirmation Page.

Open the Timeline you are working with, and click on Registration.

Then select Add Registration Field, and on the Pop-over, define the value's name that you want to capture (In our example, we're capturing utm_source).

We've also selected the Form Type 'Query' (as the utm_source is in the address bar when the lead loads the Registration page). Once you've entered your value and made your Form Type selection, click on Add.

You'll now see your new Query Field value in the Fields list.

Next, we need to define this value on our Confirmation URL. So click on Advanced, then Add Page Address, or Edit (if you've already set this up).

Next, we need to add the new dynamic value to the Confirmation URL.

For example, our Confirmation Page URL is

We'll need to add ?utm_source= to the link and then add the dynamic variable that we created.

To select the new variable, click on the personalization icon, then under Subscriber, select the new custom field.

After selecting utm_source in the dropdown menu, our full Confirmation Page URL is now:

Select Update, and this is complete!

Now, when someone registers for this Event, they're then redirected to the Confirmation page, and their address bar will include the captured value (utm_source) from the registration page, re-populating the value.

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