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Essential to your Timeline Setup

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By default, every timeline will have a Confirmation Page URL and an Expired page URL.

Based upon your timeline settings, Page URLs may contain a CTA Page URL (If Delivery Platform is AStream).

We STRONGLY suggest you define these URLs with your campaign pages. If not, we do have very generic pages that are displayed "You missed this webinar" style.

Confirmation Page - Provide the full URL for your confirmation page here. Leaving this value blank will have your registrants land on a white page with a "congratulations you are registered" printed. It isn't very pretty!

Expired Page - Provide the full URL for your expired page here. The intention of this URL is that once the Event/s have passed, and if there is a Replay and it has expired, your registrant will be directed here when clicking through any new and/or old link involving this timeline. This feature helps ensure that your timeline is truly self-expiring and equally allows you to keep everything 100% evergreen.

Call To Action Page (if AStream is the Platform Delivery Type) - The CTA URL defined here is where your viewer will automatically be redirected at the end of the webinar. This happens immediately after the end of the video, so we recommend that this either be your Call to Action link OR an Offer/Order Recap type of page.

Expert Bonus:

You can pass any dynamic value into the return URL that your registrant is sent to. Let's say for tracking purposes, you need to include the email address that was submitted into the address bar, or maybe the affiliateID or other tracking parameter onto the confirmation page. We can facilitate that easily!

In the confirmation page example above, we have:

We can easily pass the email through if we change the URL to look like this:

This can be done with ANY value using our Personalization menu that you can find throughout our UI (including custom form fields captured on registration).

This can also be used with any page URL within your Timeline Settings. (Confirmation, Replay, Expired, and Call to Action Page)

To learn more about this, check out our full tutorial below.

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