Step 6 - Setting Up The Timeline

Setting Up Your Timeline

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To create your first AEvent timeline, follow these steps:

  1. In AEvent, click on Timelines in the left sidebar

  2. Enter a name for your timeline and a brief description

  3. Choose Delivery Platform

    1. AEvent

    2. Zoom

    3. GoTo Webinar

  4. Choose the level of automation you want to use

    • Automatic - AEvent will automate 100% of your webinar, everything before, and everything after

    • Semi Automatic - AEvent will automate everything before and after the video, and the playing of the video, but you can come on at the end of the webinar and do a live close

    • Manual - AEvent automates everything before and after the webinar, but you will start and run the webinar yourself

  5. For this example, we will choose Automatic

  6. Click Create


  1. Enter the Event Registration Title and the body information.

    1. (Note: this will be the official title that registrants will see.)

  2. Event Automation should be set to Automatic.

  3. Select the video file for your webinar.

    1. (Note: If you don’t have your video uploaded yet, you can skip this and add it later.)

  4. Append Intro / Close - If you have an Intro and/or Close video you want to play before/after the webinar, set the toggle to Enable and choose the video(s) below.

  5. HD Motion

  6. Dynamic Video Creator - You can set up to 20 videos to play. This is useful if you have a JV video and an intro video. Set the toggle to Enable and add the videos in the order you want them to play.

  7. Countdown Room

    1. Your Countdown Room can be an area to pre-engage with your attendees. When enabled your event will start at the duration set, prior to the start time.

    2. You can customize your Headline, Sub-headline, Countdown timer & text, as well as play an audio or video.

    3. When your registrants join the event early, they will see and hear this.

    4. If you add a video or audio, it will start to play and time up, so the exact END of the media, will be at the exact beginning of your presentation.

    5. You can also set automated chat to audience actions during this time. (The Countdown Room can only be used with Automatic and Semi-Automatic Event Types)

  8. Click Next.


  1. Select the Integrations you want to use on your timeline.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Complete the Setup of each integration. This is where you set up the actions that happen at the time of registration. For example, you may want to add a tag on registration, or add the registrant to a specific list or campaign in your autoresponder software, or send a confirmation text message using Twilio.

  4. You can choose any of the dynamic variables listed in the Integration setup and have those sent to your autoresponder. For example, the date and time of the webinar they registered for, their join URL, etc.

  5. If you scroll down and click on Create System Fields then click Create, AEvent will automatically match the fields up with the corresponding variables and set them to send to your Autoresponder.

  6. Click Next to move on to the next Integration setup.

After you’ve finished setting up your integrations, click Next.

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