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How-To Co-Host with Automation and Zoom
How-To Co-Host with Automation and Zoom
Want to come onto your automated Zoom Event as a Co-Host? Answer questions, or perhaps take over and present? Here are the keys..
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Before the Webinar:

  1. In your Zoom account, you must have a secondary user in 'Licence' state (ideally a separate account solely for the purpose of automating Aevent).

  2. In schedule your webinar.

  3. In Zoom, edit the new webinar and enter the email of the other account.

    * IMPORTANT ! *

    1. Make sure both on web browser and desktop app,
    the co-host/support is NOT signed in as the host ! This can cause a critical error in the webinar !
    So, if signed in as webinar host, make sure to sign out on both web and desktop before.

    2. Whether host / co-host, make sure to sign in 5 minutes before at the earliest !
    Aevent automation system must be first to sign in otherwise issues may arise!

    During Webinar:

    1. In the co-host email account, click on 'Start Webinar' in the Zoom email.

    2. Sign in as the co-host.

    3. Make sure to mute yourself !

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