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Activate and Setup your Integrations per/Timeline here!

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Adding your Integrations to your AEvent account is the first step in setting up your integrations to work with your AEvent Timelines.

Each integration you want to use per/Timeline, needs to be activated, then configured within the Timeline .

Every integration has it's own settings that need to be configured once you activate the integration within the Timeline. Most ESP/CRM solutions involve a list or a campaign, as well as defining all the Custom Values that you want sent with the registrant on registration / Opt-in.

Clicking on the Settings Cogwheel once you activate the integration will allow for you to define those granular settings.

In the example above we're customizing the options for a GoHighLevel Integration. Although each Integration differs to an extent, every Integration has settings that need to be defined at the Timeline level, prior to being ready for full operation.

To review the options for the Integration you're working with please head over to our Integration Tutorials:

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