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Managing Your Media
Managing Your Media

Manage your Images, Audio and Video recordings here

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Whether you are using a Headshot photo for AStream Presenter view or sending out an Animated GIF using Twilio, Images under the Media tab is where it's all managed.

Upload your Audio for use with Voice Drops (Slybroadcast, Drop Cowboy, Audio bits in MMS messages).

Whether we're hosting your video with AStream or automating your like-live Zoom Call, all Videos are uploaded and hosted by us, managed under the Video section.

Uploading Media - In order to upload any type of multimedia file, click on Media, then Upload Media.

(NOTE: When you upload a video, our platform will transcode it and prepare it for use. This isn't immediate; once your transcode is complete and your video is ready for use, a green check mark will appear on that video asset.)

Once you've uploaded your media, you can head into the Timeline in which you wish to use it and select it. (Even if transcoding has yet to occur).

Renaming Media - You can rename any media asset by clicking on the pencil icon.

Deleting Media - You can delete any media asset by clicking on the trash can icon.

(NOTE: Once you delete a media asset, it is gone for good. There are no ways to restore. If it is active in a timeline, you will receive a warning; if it is still deleted, your timeline will run into issues.)

Storage Use - Anywhere in our App, you can review your current storage use by clicking on the Usage button.

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