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Page and Link Behavior
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Presented here are some granular options that effect your registrants experience when registering for an Event, or joining an Event actively in-session.

On Registration: Show Registration For An Event +/- From Event Starting Time - By default, the moment your Event starts (regardless of Delivery Platform) your Registration page will evolve, and display the next Event scheduled.

Sometimes you may wish to allow for registration up to a certain time into a presentation, OR perhaps you wish to cut-off registrations a few hours before.

This granular adjustment makes these options possible.

By providing a value of 15 here, our registration page will allow for registrations UP TO 15 minutes into the Event. If you set this for -30 it will stop showing an Event as available for registration 30 minutes before the start of your Event.

On Registration: Bring Registrant Straight Into Event If Starting Within -

This value has effect to the registrant experience if registering for your Event and the start of the event is within the time defined here.

So if you set this value to 10, then anyone that registers for an Event using this timeline that is starting within the next 10 minutes, INSTEAD of being redirected to the confirmation page, they will be taken directly into the Event Platform.

(So if using Zoom, the registrants Zoom Client will launch them directly into the Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meeting).

Setting this value to 0 will ensure everyone is always redirected to your Confirmation Page after registration and never taken directly into the Event.

On Join Link: Load Replay / Next-Step Instead Of Taking Into Event If Event
Started More Than - This value directly effects a registrants experience when they click your Join Link.

We know as a marketer and sales person, that taking a prospect into an Event a certain amount INTO that presentation will not yield the desired outcome for the business operating the Event. Because of this, we know that there are wiser things that we can do with that 'click' AKA traffic, instead of taking them into a presentation that is X amount into it.

Because AEvent natively support evolving join-links, the values here effects where your registrant is taken when clicking on their join link. With the example below we've set this to 45 minutes. This means that if a Registrant clicks a join link at 30 minutes they will be taken into the Live Event. However if a registrant were to click that join link at 47 minutes, they would be taken onto either the Replay (if enabled), or onto whatever is defined as the Expired Page URL.

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