Automatically capture the sending affiliate hop ID at point of registration and establish Email Attribution via API.

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With our native Clickbank integration, we're able to capture the HOP link variable from the registration page and send that through to Clickbank along with the registrant's email address. Therefore, setting up an Email attribution link between the lead and the originating affiliate is automatically accomplished through our API.

This integration helps to ensure your referring affiliate earns a commission on the referring lead.

Timeline Use:

Adding Your Clickbank Vendor Account to AEvent

In order to set up a Vendor-Affiliate Email Attribution via API, it simply needs to be installed as an integration and then activated in the timeline.

First, navigate to Integrations within AEvent, click Add Integration, and then search / select ClickBank.


Then name your integration as you see fit, and click 'Add.'

The next step is to enter the VendorID that you are using with this Clickbank Integration.

And that's it! Your ClickBank Integration has now been set up; you can verify a successful addition occurred by locating that new integration.

Now that this integration has been set up with your AEvent account, the next step is to activate it on your Timeline.

Activate your ClickBank Integration on your Timeline

In order to automatically initiate a Vendor/Affiliate Email Attribution link at the point of registration, you need to activate your new ClickBank integration within your timeline. To do this, open the timeline you are working with.

Then select Integrations, set your ClickBank Integration as Active.

And that's it! If you click on the Settings Cog Wheel, you'll just see the integrations defined purpose.

When you activated this integration within your timeline, AEvent did a number of different things for you.

  1. When this timeline is integrated with your registration page using our header script, we will automatically capture the 'hop' variable. So, as long as you configure your hop point URL within ClickBank to be your registration page, this value will be captured. When doing this, we created a new Registration Field within your timeline.

    (Best Practice: You can now send this value along as a custom field to your ESP/CRM on subscription).

  2. When you activated your ClickBank integration with this timeline, it setup an automation. Now, when anyone registers for your Event on your registration page that is set up using this Timeline, we will automatically send ClickBank an API call with your VendorID, the AffiliateID ('hop'), and the leads email address. This establishes the Email Attribution within ClickBank.

And that's it! Email Attribution for this timeline has been fully established. When a lead hits your registration page, having come through a ClickBank Hop-Link, we will automatically send that information to ClickBank via API, establishing an Email Attribution between the Vendor and the Affiliate. So when that lead purchases your product using the same email, that affiliate will automatically receive their commission!

How to remove your Clickbank Integration from AEvent

If you want to remove your ClickBank integration from AEvent, you need to navigate to Integrations, locate your integration, and click on the trashcan icon.

You then will be prompted to confirm deletion.

(NOTE: Removing this integration will immediately affect integration with any Timeline it is currently active on.)

Once you confirm removal, the integration within AEvent no longer exists.

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