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Integrate Clickbank 'hop' (to recookie) as a Hidden Value on Replay Page
Integrate Clickbank 'hop' (to recookie) as a Hidden Value on Replay Page
Integrate Clickbank 'hop' (to recookie) as a Hidden Value on Replay Page
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To integrate Clickbank 'hop' (to recookie) as a hidden value on replay page, follow these steps.

Step 1: Capture the Hop

  1. Go into your AEvent Timeline and click on Settings.

  2. Click on the Registration heading, scroll to the bottom and click “Add Custom Form Field”.

  3. In Field Name, type in hop.

  4. Under Form Type, select query.

  5. Click Create.

  6. If you want to add it to your autoresponder as well, click on the Integration heading and scroll down to the autoresponder setup (ie. Aweber setup).

  7. At the bottom, click on “Create Single Field” and enter the field name affid then hit create.

  8. Find affid in the list of fields and make sure the checkbox next to it is ticked.

  9. In the first dropdown, select “Custom Field” and the second dropdown select “hop”.

  10. Exit and save changes.

Step 2: Add to Confirmation page

  1. Click on the Code heading and scroll down to Confirmation Page. Check the custom fields and make sure it there is one there for hop. ie. {{subscriber-hop}}

  2. For this step, you will use the code below these instructions. In the code, you will need to replace the YOUR_VENDOR_ID with your Clickbank Vendor ID.

  3. Copy the entire code.

  4. Go into Clickfunnels to your Confirmation Page.

  5. Add a Custom Javascript / HTML element anywhere on the page.

  6. Click on “Open Code Editor” and paste in the code.

  7. Close and Save.

Custom Code to Paste Into Confirmation Page HTML Element

<div id="ae_holder" style="display:none;">{{!subscriber-hop}}&vendor=YOUR_VENDOR_ID</div>
<div id="aecb_hardcode"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">

$( document ).ready(function() {

jQuery(function() {

function checkFlag() {

var checkit=jQuery("#ae_holder").text();

if(checkit.includes('{{') == true) {

window.setTimeout(checkFlag, 500);

} else {

jQuery("#aecb_hardcode").html('<img src="'+checkit+'" style="height:0px;width:0px;">');







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