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Integrating Clickbank 'hop' as a Hidden Value on the Replay Page
Integrating Clickbank 'hop' as a Hidden Value on the Replay Page

Integrate Clickbank 'hop' (to recookie) as a Hidden Value on Replay Page

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to capture a Clickbank affiliate ID and re-use it on the replay page as a "recookie." This process allows you to retain the affiliate ID and ensure proper attribution for their work, leading to accurate tracking and commission payments.

By following this tutorial, you'll be able to set up AEvent to capture the Clickbank hop ID and pass it along to your autoresponder (e.g Hubspot, AWeber, Active Campaign). Additionally, you'll learn how to implement the necessary code on the confirmation page to "recookie" on the replay page.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Capture the Clickbank Hop ID

  • Go to the AEvent timeline you're using and go to the registration page settings.

  • Add a custom registration field, name it "hop," and select "query" as the form type.

  • Click "Create" to capture the hop value from the address field's query string.

Step 2: Sending the Hop ID to Your Autoresponder

  • Access your Auto Responder account and navigate to the custom fields section.

  • If you haven't created a custom app ID or hop ID, you can create a new one by clicking "Create Single Field."

  • Locate the app ID field and select "hop" as the custom field on the right-hand side.

  • This ensures that the Auto Responder receives the hop ID, which can be used for recooking in your follow-up sequence or other purposes.

Step 3: Verify the Subscriber Hop ID on the Confirmation Tab

  • Go to the timeline's Code section and click on the Confirmation heading.

  • Check the custom fields and make sure there is one there for hop. ie. {{subscriber-hop}}.

Step 4: Customize and Implement the Clickbank Vendor ID Code

  • Copy the code provided below this tutorial, replacing the YOUR_VENDOR_ID with your Clickbank Vendor ID.

  • Copy the entire code.

Step 5: Adding The Code

  • In your Auto-responder (e.g Clickfunnels) go to your Replay Page.

  • Add a Custom Javascript / HTML element anywhere on the page.

  • Click on “Open Code Editor” and paste in the code.

  • Close and Save

Custom Code to Paste Into Replay Page HTML Element

<div id="ae_holder" style="display:none;">{{!subscriber-hop}}&vendor=YOUR_VENDOR_ID</div>
<div id="aecb_hardcode"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">

$( document ).ready(function() {

jQuery(function() {

function checkFlag() {

var checkit=jQuery("#ae_holder").text();

if(checkit.includes('{{') == true) {

window.setTimeout(checkFlag, 500);

} else {

jQuery("#aecb_hardcode").html('<img src="'+checkit+'" style="height:0px;width:0px;">');







Step 6: Re-Cookied on the Replay Page

Since the code is already set up to work with AEvent and includes the tracking header script, you're ready to go.

When registrants visit the replay page, they will be re-cookied, ensuring accurate attribution for your affiliates.

💡Note: Recooking will affect the hop count within Clickbank.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Clickbank 'hop' as a hidden value on the replay page. By capturing the hop ID on the registration page, sending it to your autoresponder, and implementing the provided code, you can recookie and ensure proper attribution for your affiliates' work. This will help track conversions accurately and ensure that affiliates receive the credit they deserve.

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