Step 9 - Template and Actions

Using Templates And Setting Up Actions

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Click HERE for a video tutorial: Mastering Actions - Tips and Tricks

How To Use Templates

  1. From the list of templates, choose one that best describes the type of event you are setting up. This will create suggested actions for you to use.

  2. I am using the “5 Day Internal Promo”

  3. Click “Overwrite”

  4. Click Save and Exit.


  1. On your Timeline, you will now see that suggested actions have been listed based on the template you chose above.

  2. Click on the individual action to customize when the action occurs and what action is taken.

  3. You can use dynamic fields to customize any messages sent out.

  4. For this example, we will set up a new Twilio action. Under Action, update the When section for whatever time you want to send the message.

  5. Under Who select which audience you want to send it to.

  6. Under What, select Twilio then choose Send SMS from the dropdown menu.

  7. Enter the text message you would like to send. This can be personalized with AEvent fields like subscriber name, Join URL, etc.

  8. Select the phone number you’re using.

  9. Click Add Action and the message will be sent at the scheduled time.

  10. For instructions on setting up different types of actions, please see Creating & Customizing Your Timeline Actions.

  11. After you finish setting up your actions, click Save Changes.

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