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Creating a Branded Join & Replay URL Link
Creating a Branded Join & Replay URL Link

Want to use a Branded URL with your Join and Replay links? Here's how..

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  1. Register for the webinar and enter your phone number

  2. Copy join link from the address bar and paste in Notepad, etc

  3. Grab relevant tenant code from this tutorial below and paste in Notepad, etc

  4. Paste and replace tenant id from join link into the code from this tutorial

  5. Add new blank page in funnel Pagebuilder & remove ALL content

  6. Open 'Tracking Code' under 'Settings'

  7. Copy and paste code from Notepad into 'Header Code'

  8. Copy and paste into Notepad etc, the new blank page URL from the Pagebuilder & add: ?r= HERE PUT REGISTRANT VALUE from original join link you pasted earlier in Notepad etc.

  9. The new link should take you into the webinar.

  10. Use the 'Code to use within your Timeline' below with your new values and paste anywhere in your timeline you wish to use the new branded link.

    Code to use within your Timeline:


JavaScript Code Snippet (If using a page builder):


var user = "XXXXXXXX";

const params = new Proxy(new URLSearchParams(, {
get: (searchParams, prop) => searchParams.get(prop),
let reg = params.r;
var combined = user + "/" + reg;
var location = "" + combined;


PHP Code Snippet (If Self Hosting / using Wordpress):


$user = 'XXXXXXXX';

$r = (!empty($_GET['r'])) ? $_GET['r'] : '';
$combined = $user . '/' . $r;
header ('location:' . $combined);


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