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Convert A GoToWebinar/Zoom Timeline To An AEvent Stream Timeline
Convert A GoToWebinar/Zoom Timeline To An AEvent Stream Timeline

Want to add and/or convert your pre-existing timeline to an AEvent Stream timeline? It's simple.. Here's how.

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to convert a GoToWebinar or Zoom timeline into an AEvent Stream timeline. By making this conversion, you can take advantage of AEvent's unique features and customization options, creating an engaging and interactive streaming experience for your audience.

By following this tutorial, you'll be able to:

  • Convert your GoToWebinar or Zoom timeline to an AEvent Stream timeline.

  • Customize the event settings and stream viewer settings in AEvent.

  • Set up presenter information and choose video options.

  • Customize the streaming viewer and branding elements.

  • Determine audience display options and customize the live chat settings.

  • Add custom tracking code and personalize welcome messages.

  • Configure CTA pop-ups in AEvent stream.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Duplicate and Open the Timeline

  • Duplicate your GoToWebinar or Zoom timeline to make a copy.

  • Open the duplicated timeline for editing.

Step 2: Update Event Settings

  • In the timeline settings under the "Event info" section, select "AEvent" as the delivery platform.

  • This will update the event settings and add stream viewer settings.

Step 3: Choose Video and Presenter Information

  • In the event settings, select the video you want to use for streaming.

  • Additionally, you can set up a secondary video that will be displayed.

  • Create presenter information by entering the host's name, title, and adding an image.

Step 4: Customize Stream Viewer Settings

Access the stream viewer settings to customize the streaming experience.

  • Choose whether the time should count up or count down during the stream.

  • Decide if the live stream image should be shown or hidden.

  • Customize the pre-webinar background image or use the default one.

  • Add your logo to the streaming viewer or retain the AEvent logo.

  • Select to display the true audience count or set a peak audience count.

Step 5: Manage Live Chat Settings

Determine how the live chat will be handled during the stream.

  • Choose to hide the live chat, show it to everyone, or show it only to support.

  • Optionally, enable timestamps for the chat messages.

  • Add custom tracking code, if desired.

Step 6: Personalize Welcome Messages

Utilize the option to create engaging chat interactions.

  • Add different welcome messages to simulate a conversation.

  • Respond to objections and common viewer questions automatically.

Step 7: Configure CTA Pop-ups

Review the different options for CTA pop-ups in AEvent stream.

  • Choose between the sidebar, lower third, or presenter level pop-up styles.

  • Save your settings.

Step 8: Finalize and Prepare for Streaming

  • Create a new registration page to connect, if you're duplicating & using a new timeline.

  • If you're not creating a new registration page and simply changing the current timeline to AEvent Stream, then there's no need to duplicate.

  • If not duplicating the timeline, ensure that the existing timeline is not scheduled before changing to AEvent Stream !

  • Remove any recurring schedules and delete single schedules, if applicable.

  • Make any additional changes to your main timeline before saving.

AEvent Stream Player: CTA Popup Banner

  • TYPE: "Lower third" popup

In this tutorial, you successfully converted your GoToWebinar or Zoom timeline to an AEvent stream timeline. You customized the event settings, stream viewer settings, and personalized the streaming experience. You also configured live chat settings, added custom tracking code, and set up engaging chat interactions. Finally, you configured CTA pop-ups to enhance viewer engagement. Your timeline is now ready for streaming on AEvent, providing an interactive and captivating experience for your audience.

Congratulations! You're now ready to enjoy the benefits of AEvent's powerful streaming capabilities. Happy streaming!

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