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Best Practices

Here are some of our Best Practices to help get you where you want

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Here’s a short list of our best practices, based on the latest industry trends and our top-performing power users, for maximizing results with your online events.

AUDIENCES (min. recommended)

  • Non-Attendee

  • Cart Abandoner

  • Attendee

  • Saw CTA-Non Buyer

  • Missed CTA-Non Buyer

In AEvent, we can segment & target any audience you can think of.

When you combine the right integration with the right audience, you improve your numbers automatically.


    1) NiftyImages (Requires a whiteboard image with presenter)
    2) Presentation GIF FOMO (4-5 best slides of your presentation)

  • GOOGLE CALENDAR (located under ‘Integrations’ in AEvent).


In order for us to orchestrate all the communications, collect all the data & automate everything for you, we connect to your funnel / landing pages with our code & registration form.


* If you have chosen the White-Glove concierge service, please connect with your onboarding specialist. If you have NOT booked your first Kick Off call, please do so here:

** If you have chosen to connect your funnel / pages yourself, kindly refer to our extensiveknowledge baseand/or reach out to support for more info.


The second most effective tool for achieving the sales you deserve lies in a smart and personalized email campaign before and after the event.


We use the automated Actions at specific times to trigger your emails in your AutoResponder with tags.

You create the automations/campaigns/workflows in your AR, with our tags as the trigger.

EMAIL (for Zoom/GotoWebinar)

Their inboxing is hands-down some of the best out there.

We recommend taking full advantage of this in the platforms’ settings.

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