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Want to drop a pixel when registrant joins the webinar? Want to Stylize AStream?

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Want to fire a pixel to your Registrant as they're joining your Event? Like a Facebook or Google Tracking Pixel? How about tracking your lead's progress through AStream, OR customizing the AStream look with Custom CSS? Look Below!

On-Join Tracking Code - Simply insert your pixel code into our Join Page Code area. Once you've done that, anytime your lead joins your Event using a link provided through AEvent and any related integration, that action will automatically fire your tracking pixel.

Streaming Viewer Tracking & CSS Customization - Using this tool, you can enable pixels to fire, both on our 'Waiting Room' as well as once the lead joins into the AStream Like-Live Event (Webinar Player).

You can also add CSS code to override our CSS, enabling you to fully style the AStream player as you see fit! (This REQUIRES Advanced CSS knowledge; we will be unable to provide support for this tool)

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