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Registration Page Whitelist

Lock Down Your Registration Page

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By default, AEvent will accept a JS or a Form submission (Event Registration) from any origin. Sometimes, depending on your business, your exposure, and your success level, this can yield problems.

Registration Page Whitelisting allows locking down your form and Timeline submission to specific URLs. Ensuring no "bad players" can try to cause yourself or your business issues through "bad data" submissions.

When adding your domain/s to the Whitelist, it isn't necessary to provide https:// OR the FULL URL.

So if my page is located at I would simply enter '' into the Whitelist.

NOTE: IF Whitelisting is enabled for your timeline, and you attempt a form submission (Registration) from a Registration Page "Origin" that hasn't been added to the domain list, you will receive a page rejection "Origin Domain not part of whitelist"

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