To create your email sequence, pre-webinar and post-webinar, and initiate in your timeline, follow these steps.

  1. Go into your AEvent Timeline and click on Settings.

  2. Click on the Integration heading and make sure your autoresponder integration is set up. 

  3. Exit out of settings to your main timeline view.

  4. In the right column under Action, choose whether you want to schedule the action for before or after the webinar.

  5. Under Day, select the number of days before/after that you want this action to occur. If you want to use an exact time, tick the box and set the time. (Note: If you want to have an action occur on the same day as the webinar, set the day to 0 and set how many hours before/after.)

  6. Under Who, select which audience you want this action to apply to. (ie. Attendees)

  7. Under What, choose which integration you want to use. (ie. Aweber)

  8. In the dropdown, select the action that you want to occur. (ie. Add Aweber Tag) and select the corresponding tag (ie. one hour before).

  9. Click “Add Action” and then “Save Changes”

Note: In the default template, the actions before the webinar are meant to initiate single emails, for example a reminder email sent to all registrants the morning of the webinar. The actions after the webinar are meant to initiate multi-email sequences, for example a replay sequence sent to non-attendees.

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