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AEvent can cleanly integrate into your Registration page, hosted on your Page Builder of choice (or just HTML), while offering several different styles and options.

With that we support 2 different types of Registration Page Integration. First is a JS Popup Form, a little more standard, and user friendly.

Our second implementation utilizes a Code-Level integration with your page, enabling everything to be seamless with branding and full customization.

With that, we also support different type of registration options.

Perhaps your lead visits your Registration Page, and there is a single webinar upcoming, with no selection of another time. OR maybe you're using a multi-option dropdown, allowing them to chose a time that works best for their schedule.

Below you will find Image examples of each.

Using JS Popup Form

Our JS Popup Form is quite simple to setup and adjust.

Once you select, JS Popup Form you are presented with 2 options

Our One Time Popup simply reviews the time/day of the webinar they are registering for and it includes the Title and Description that was entered on your Event Details form.

And the Multi-Option Dropdown Menu version offers up to 5 upcoming webinar date and times, shown to them in their relative time zone.

(Note: The Phone Number field is only present if a Phone Number-related integration is activated)

Using Code-Level Form

Using our Code-Level Form and header integration allows you to fully customize your page, form and flow to your liking, without ANY limitation.

With our Code-Level integration, we support the same 2 methods supported with our JS Popup, and in addition we support use of a Multi-Session Selection Block.

Selecting the One Time option will set your page up to always display the next / soonest webinar. The Date / Time / Countdown timer that you may chose to display on your registration page will evolve from one session to the next.

Keeping your registration page evergreen, with the single one-time (no option).

A Multi-Option Dropdown Menu selection is just as it sounds. The registration page can still display a date/time of the next soonest webinar, however the popup box will show a drop-down menu allowing for the lead to select a time that works best for them.

When you are implementing the Multi-Option Dropdown Menu, you can set the style in which the date/time is displayed. You can customize it to display different time zones, or you can even have it display in any international format.

Our Multi-Session Selection Block generally is implemented either into members areas (for a recurring call/meeting), or used with large Event-Based Webinar Launches.

When a lead visits a registration page that is setup using this style, they are presented with a grid to select from, clicking the corresponding button opens a pop-up registration box. When they register they're then registered for the webinar they selected.

This setup is extremely customizable as it is all hosted on your page builder. The example above is just a rough example to show the different possibilities.

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