Instead of using our Support Portal to answer your active attendee questions, why not pipe that info into Slack for response?

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When running an Evergreen online event, it can become

costly to always staff your webinar with Support to answer live questions, objections, and handle live engagement.

Not only that, but as humans, we have a tendency to disengage and/or become sidetracked when the active task isn't needing our constant attention.

(Someone monitoring a live chat, waiting for a question to come in, overtime, will become slower and slower at answering those live questions.)

We also know as a consumer, generally we are most likely to make a purchasing decision, if we have all of our questions regarding that purchase, answered, live.

So with that said, we've come up with the perfect solution! When an active attendee asks a question within your AStream webinar, that question will be piped through to your Slack channel, allowing either yourself or a team member to respond from within Slack.

This not only frees up the potential team member from monitoring a chat, waiting for a question to come in, but allows you to engage directly, never missing a question. .

Timeline Function:

Platform Support:

AEvent. Stream

Adding an AEvent SlackBot to your Slack Account

In order to add a Slack Integration, you will need to first navigate to Integrations within AEvent, click Add Integration and then search / select Slack.

Then name your integration as you see fit, and click 'Add'

When you click on 'Add' a pop-up from Slack will appear. Please login and select the correct workspace that you would like to integrate into AEvent.

Once you click Allow, your Slack integration has been successfully added and you will be see it's Connected state.

You can click on 'Test', a successful connection will yield a positive test result.

Congratulations, your Slack account is now successfully connected to AEvent!

Configuring your Slack Integration work with an AStream Evergreen Timeline

Now that you have added your Slack integration into AEvent, you need to activate it within an AEvent.Stream Timeline. To do this, open the Timeline you are working with.

Then select Integrations, set your Slack Integration as Active, then click on the cogwheel to define your settings

Within the Integration Settings, You need to select the Slack Channel in which you would like your Slack Bot to correspond with. Whether or not you would like a notification sent when a new registration is generated, when a new attendee joins or leaves your webinar, OR just when a new message from a live attendee is received.

placeholder.png | Ivins City

THIS AEvent timeline is now complete! Now when someone attends your webinar running on AEvent.Stream (as the delivery platform) using this Timeline, the live audience questions will be pipped through TO your Slack channel. In which you can directly respond from within Slack, and they will receive your response back inside the Evergreen Webinar System.

Checkout the Tutorial below to setup pre-determined replies within your timeline, so that within Slack, when you receive a message, you can select it from a drop-down list!

Responding to a Live Viewer's question from Slack

In the diagram below we cover the different steps of and views of corresponding with a viewer live on the webinar platform, receiving the message in Slack, replying from Slack, and the viewer receiving the reply back in the platform.

Think that's cool? Check out the flow below where we go over using Support Canned Replies from within Slack! TIME SAVER!

Using Support Canned Replies in your Slack Channel to quickly answer your commonly asked questions.

AEvent + Slack can utilize the Support Canned Responses area of our Timeline Builder, so yourself or your team members can reply to Live Question using Pre-Determined replies. This can be extremely helpful when creating replies to all of your most frequently asked questions.

To set this up your Support Canned Responses (checkout this Tutorial).

In the diagram below, we show how the interactions appear and work for both the viewer, as well as the Slack user.

As you can see, it all is quite super simple! (can be monitored from your phone 😁)

Utilizing the combination of these functions can really accelerate the time in which it takes yourself or a team member to reply to your live audience, answering their questions quickly and accurately can easily make the difference between a conversion, or a fail.

How to reconnect your Slack Integration

If you are encountering issues with your Slack integration it is possible that the API key issued from Slack has been reset, or changed. If you click 'Test' and it is NOT successful, first step we recommend is reconnecting your integration.

When you click on 'Re-Connect' a pop-up from Slack will appear. Please login and select the correct workspace that you would like to integrate into AEvent.

Once reauthorized, your integration will shows as Connected, and you are able to click on 'Test'.

A successful connection will yield a positive test result. Congratulations, your Slack account is now successfully Re-connected to AEvent!

How to remove your Slack Integration from AEvent

If you want to remove your Slack integration from AEvent, you need to navigate to Integrations, locate your Slack integration and click on the trashcan icon.

You then will be prompted to confirm deletion.

(NOTE: Removing this integration will immediately effect it's use with any timelines that it is active in.)

IF you are experiencing issues with this integration, but do not desire to REMOVE it, we recommend on reconnecting it instead. This will allow it's configuration to

continue as set within your timelines.

Once you confirm removal, the integration within AEvent no longer exists.

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