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So you have the need to unsubscribe someone, whether by page or by API Endpoint, here's how..
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Need to unsubscribe someone from your AEvent Account?

We have 2 methods to achieve that.

First is our basic unsubscribe page. We host that for you and you can find it here (this is the same Endpoint if using our API Unsubscribe solution):


(You can retrieve your tenant ID by asking Support to the right. )

By entering an email address on this page, it will fully remove the subscriber.

OR you can use our API endpoint for unsubscribes.

IF using our API endpoint for unsubscribes you can use a tool like Zapier, or any kind of webhook/API call. With this type of unsubscribe, you can opt to remove the registrant from your entire account, OR just remove from a specific timeline.

In my first example, I've setup a Webhook Post in Zapier that will remove someone from my entire account, when they refund a product.

As you can see, in the Data section I'm sending the email address and that is it! The above action would remove the subscriber from the platform.

Now, in my next example, I've setup a webhook that will make a call to AEvent, and unsubscribe someone for a SPECIFIC timeline.

This type of Unsubscribe is helpful when wanting to remove someone from a specific timeline, but not the entire account. (Think, when someone purchases a VIP upgrade to a challenge, you'll want to remove

I retrieved the WTL from the address bar when I had the timeline open inside the AEvent APP.

Our Unsubscribe API Endpoint accepts both POST and GET calls.

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