Reconnecting an Integration

Having issues with an integration? Received an email detecting an error?

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We all know how technology works. It can be fine one minute, and you're pulling your hair out the next, wondering what broke it.

Well, sometimes, we may see that your integrations are not working correctly, and you get an email from AEvent saying there's something wrong.

In this short tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to reconnect an integration for when something like this does come along, in this case we're using Slybroadcast.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Email example of an integration error sent by AEvent to your email.

Follow these steps to reconnect your integration:

You can click on the "Reconnect" Button in your email. It will take you to the integration dashboard or Login page to your AEvent account.

If not already in your Integrations dashboard,

  • Go to your integrations.

  • Find Slybroadcast in your integration list.

  • Click reconnect.

You will need to have your Credentials when you do this.

  • Once you add your Credentials, click the "Continue" button.

You will then be taken back to your integration dashboard, and you can now continue using your integration as before.

If you still find that you are having an issue with an integration. You can go and delete that integration, in this example we'll use Slybroadcast again, but it's the same for all the integrations.

How to delete an Integration

  • You can delete your integration by clicking on the trash can.

  • Then confirm the Disconnection on the popup.

This will remove the integration from your Dashboard of Active integrations.

If you want to add it back, you'll just need to go through the steps of creating an integration again. You can locate that tutorial here:

This tutorial was a step-by-step process on Reconnecting your integrations when needed. Either you see something is not operating correctly, or you receive an email from AEvent letting you know that we found an issue.

We also covered how to "Delete" an Integration as well for the times when you may need to delete the integration altogether.

If you still have questions, you can always reach out to our support team!

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