If you want your audience to click on an old replay link and be directed straight into the Aevent.Stream On-Demand webinar room, with automatic registration & no extra friction, here are the steps.

1. Open up your original timeline (the one that your audience are signing up for).
* If you're using the Aevent On-Demand timeline, then it's the same timeline).
2. Grab the tenant ID from the "Form Registration Code' under 'Code'.
3. Grab the WTL in the browser.
4. Go to the On-Demand timeline and grab the WTL in the browser
5. Paste in the values in the URL below (use notepad, etc).
6. Paste the new URL in the 'Replay Page' under 'Advanced' in your original timeline (if using the same timeline, then paste in On-Demand).

URL: https://aevent.online/on-demand/?tenant=XXXX&origin=XXXX&ondemand=XXXX

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