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GotoWebinar Security: Always Allow Device
GotoWebinar Security: Always Allow Device
IMPERATIVE ACTION: Did you add a Goto Webinar Integration? This step is critical for event automation.
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After adding a GotoWebinar Integration with AEvent, it is imperative you instruct them to always allow our automation devices. Without this your automated webinar very well could fail! (This needs to occur for EVERY GotoWebinar integration you add)

  1. Log in to the My Account page at

  2. Select Sign In & Security in the left navigation.

  3. Under Devices, click Review all devices.

4. Find any devices from 'Austin, Texas, United States' then select I trust this device.

5. When prompted, click Continue to acknowledge that this device will not be prompted for email verification upon sign in if a security risk is detected.

6. Your device now displays with a Trusted status and the date it was flagged as trusted.

7. Follow the same steps for ALL devices listed for 'Austin, Texas, United States'

8. Anytime you select I don't recognize this device, everything is reset and this process must be repeated

9. Anytime you reset your password with GotoWebinar you MUST reconnect your integration.

10. As a Best Practice, we recommend checking into 'Review all devices' on a bi-weekly schedule when first using the platform.

(if you do not see any Austin, Texas listings in your account, please schedule a test webinar, allow it to run fully, then checkback. This process is required for operation and cannot be skipped)

For full operational insulation, we recommend setting up a special forwarding between your Goto Webinar Login email account, and our aEvent Automations.

Please Click HERE to review that tutorial

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