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Setup a Twilio MMS Timeline Action using NiftyImages
Setup a Twilio MMS Timeline Action using NiftyImages
Want to send out a dynamic Multimedia Message via Twilio?
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To setup a Twilio MMS Timeline action using NiftyImages, follow these simple steps.

  1. In AEvent, go into your Timeline.

  2. Under Action, update the When section for whatever time you want to send the message, and select who you want to send it to.

  3. Under What, select Twilio then choose Send MMS from the dropdown menu.

  4. Under Select media type, choose NiftyImage then select the specific image you want to use.

  5. If the image includes any dynamic fields, customize those in Dynamic Field 1 and Dynamic Field 2.

  6. Enter any additional text message you would like to include. This can be personalized with AEvent fields like subscriber name, Join URL, etc.

  7. Select the phone number you’re using.

  8. Click Add Action and the message will be sent at the scheduled time.

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