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AEvent offers an out-of-the-box, free-to-use, add-to-calendar service for your confirmation page and email sequences.

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AEvent comes with a built-in Add To Calendar service.

You can use this on both your Confirmation Page and SOON within your email sequences.

The widget is completely customizable and dynamic and includes the registrants' evolving Join URL, and the Event Title and Body of your timeline.

It is, OF COURSE, programmed for the Event Date/Time for which they registered.

Support for Add to Calendar Functionality is built-in for G'Cal, iCal, Outlook, Yahoo & Other Calendar Services.

Use on Confirmation:


Use With SMTP Email:


Adding Add To Calendar to AEvent

In order to set up an Add To Calendar Integration, it simply needs to be installed as an integration.

First, navigate to Integrations within AEvent, click Add Integration and then search / select Calendar.

Then name your integration as you see fit, and click 'Add.'

And that's it! Your Add to Calendar integration has now been setup. You can verify a successful addition occurred by locating that new integration.

The next step is to incorporate the widget into your confirmation page, as well as into your email sequences.

Integrating your Add To Calendar Widget into your Confirmation Page

You can integrate our Add to Calendar widget into just about ANY webpage, regardless of whether it is a Page Builder, Straight HTML, or anything else.

After you have setup your Confirmation page, with the Confirmation Page Header Script installed (corresponding to the webinar timeline you are working with),

Navigate as shown and copy the widget code into your Notepad.

(Timeline ➜ Code ➜ Confirmation ➜ Add to Calendar)

You can select a different calendar image of ours using our selection of several available, OR you can supplement and use your own by editing the HTML img src link in the code below, pointing to an address / image of yours.

<div width="100%"><div class="calendar">  <span class="addtocalendar atc-style-button-icon atc-style-menu-wb">
<a class="atcb-link">
<img src="" width="100%">
<var class="atc_event">
<var class="atc_date_start"></var>
<var class="atc_date_end"></var>
<var class="atc_timezone"></var>
<var class="atc_title"> </var>
<var class="atc_description"></var>
<var class="atc_location"></var>
<var class="atc_organizer"></var>
<var class="atc_organizer_email"></var>
<div style="clear:both"></div>

(YES, the code above will work with your account if you just want to copy it from here)

Once you obtain your widget code, you simply need to paste it onto your page.

If using a page builder, generally, you'll need to add an HTML Element / Code Block where you would like the calendar to display. (If using plain HTML or anything else, you'll need to paste the HTML code into the area you'd like).

Once that is complete, with the header script for your confirmation page installed, your Add To Calendar Widget is ready to go!

NOTE: In order to test the full functionality of your Calendar Widget, we recommend an actual registration, so when this page loads into your browser, the widget has full details of the Event you've registered for.


The quickest way to test your Calendar integration is to:

#1, Register for your Event

#2, On successful registration, AEvent will redirect you to what you have defined as your Confirmation Page; from there, locate your Add to Calendar button, and click on it, then select the Calendar you use.

#3, In the first image below, the Add to Calendar function looks as if it has failed. (You likely do not have your confirmation page header script installed, OR you have not performed a real registration.

(we can tell it failed as the link is If it was SUCCESSFUL, there would be additional characters there instead of a #.)

A successful implementation of our Add to Calendar Widget into your Web Page will have a full join link (notice the # has been replaced)

COMING SOON - Integrating your Add To Calendar Widget into your HTML/SMTP Emails

COMING SOON - Integrating your Add To Calendar Widget into your ESP/CRM Emails

How to remove your Add To Calendar Integration from AEvent

If you want to remove your Add To Calendar integration from AEvent, you need to navigate to Integrations, locate your Calendar integration, and click on the trashcan icon.

You then will be prompted to confirm deletion.

(NOTE: Removing this integration will immediately affect its use with any Pages that it is currently active on.)

Once you confirm removal, the integration within AEvent no longer exists.

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