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GoToWebinar has a great email system with superb inboxing. In order to take advantage of that, AEvent integrates and provides all email details to GoToWebinar at the time of scheduling your Event. So YOU do not need to do any further customization within GoToWebinar itself.

Use this section in your GoToWebinar Timeline to fill in the emails you would like sent by GoToWebinar.

The first is the Confirmation Email that is received by your registrant shortly after they submit their registration information.

(This email automatically includes the Event Details Description that you've filled out in Event Info portion of your Timeline).

The second, Reminder Email, is sent automatically 1 day, 6 hours, and 1 hour before your scheduled Event. This email although redundant serves as an added reminder of your webinar.

Since this email is sent a few times, you can use [TIME] in the subject line, and it will show 6 Hours (or the time until the Event Begins). So in the example above we used "Your Tech Tutorial At AEvent Starts in [TIME].

The Third and Fourth email sections, the Attendee and Non-Attendee Emails are a LOT less formatted. They provide for open use to follow up with your Attendees as well as your Non-Attendees.

We strongly suggest capitalizing on the use of these as their inboxing is great, and it's an email you can get sent out without any effect on your CRM/ESP.

Helpful Hint: You can add additional per-webinar Dynamic Email customization using our Personalization menu.

(These values will not be personalized per-user, but rather per-webinar. In your Non Attendee / Attendee emails, you can use values of the replay expiration, along with a true replay expiring link, that lines up with the date/time of the webinar.)

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