How To Use EZGIF for AEvent
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Our best practice is to create a GIF, from your presentation slides, as a FOMO (fear of missing out) MMS and send with TWILIO, around 10 minutes after the event has started.

  1. The website we chose for this example is

  2. Click on GIF maker on the main menu

  3. Choose 3-5 slides from your presentation

  4. Click on Upload

  5. In the next stage you can choose various settings of your preference

  6. Click on 'Make a GIF'

  7. Choose 'Optimize the GIF' to shrink the file size, which should be around 200 kb max, to make sure the file is accepted with your service provider

  8. Choose the highest compression for smallest file size

  9. Click on 'Save' and the file will download

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