Step 7 - Advanced Tab
What The Advanced Tab Covers
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  1. Replay Sequence

    1. After your webinar, the initial AEvent join links sent to your registrants become expired links and direct to your expired URL. If you enable a replay sequence here, your join links and replay links will point to your replay URL for the time frame selected.

    2. Please enable and provide the length of your desired replay here. Then set your replay page URL in Page URLS above.

    3. (If expire at midnight is selected, replay expiration will be at midnight in the timezone selected of the AEvent account.)

  2. Scheduling Options

    1. Schedule Blocking: You can opt to block a registration for a set amount of time prior to the webinar. If you have it set for Block Today, your registration page will ONLY show tomorrow, regardless if there is a webinar for this timeline today.

    2. Schedule event length with platform provider for: By Default an event is scheduled for 1 hour with the platform provider *GotoWebinar/Zoom. This time is reflected on the registration & reminder emails. Here you can select actual video time, or up to 12 hours.

    3. Start Webinar Video X after scheduled start time: You can have the Webinar start on time 3,5,and 10 mins before or after the start time

  3. Page & Link Behavior

    1. On Registration: show registration for an Event + from Event starting time: This will allow a registrant to register for an event AFTER it has started. If set to 0, the moment an event starts, the next scheduled time will be shown.

    2. On Registration: bring registrant straight into Event if starting within: If this is set for 15 minutes, and someone registers for your event 10 minutes BEFORE start, instead of being taken to your Confirmation page URL, your registrant will be taken directly into the event.

    3. On Join Link: Load Replay / Next-Step instead of taking into Event if Event started more than: If this is set to 30 minutes, and a registrant clicks an AEvent join URL at 35 minutes, instead of it joining them to the event in session, it will take them to your replay or expired page URL (based upon replay settings).

  4. Page URLs

  5. Alternative Hosts

    1. Include any live presenters, or staff here for a Co-Organizer Registration/Link.

      1. When the event is fully automated, it is imperative you join with a CO-Organizer link, and allow the automation to use the main Organizer link

    2. NOTE: Alternative Host Zoom Account MUST exist within the same Zoom Account as your integration

  6. Panelists

    1. If you have guest you will have on durring the Webinar this is where you would add them so they do not have the controls of a Host.

  7. Language

    1. This will take effect on ALL elements (Registration / Confirmation Elements, custom fields sent to and used in ALL integrations. This pertains to Date/Time elements only).

  8. Registration Page Whitelist

    1. By default, this is disabled. If enabled, AEvent will only allow registrations to be submitted from the domains listed. Any other form submission will be rejected.

    2. Example:,,

      1. (No Spaces, No line breaks, comma separated.)

  9. On Event Join Welcome Message

    1. Used With AEvent Stream

  10. Import Auto Chat Messages

    1. Used With AEvent Stream

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