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Integrating Twilio Into AEvent
Integrating Twilio Into AEvent
Register your business for A2p 10 DLC, to avoid service interruptions with Twilio.
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To integrate Twilio into AEvent follow these simple steps.

As a user of Aevent, you'll most likely be wanting to use Twilio to send SMS and/or MMS.

  1. Log in to your Twilio account at

  2. Get your ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN

  3. Go to and click "Add Integration"

  4. Click on Twilio and name your integration

  5. From the popup enter your ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN and click continue

  6. In Aevent, go to Integration in Settings and activate.

  7. Your Twilio is now integrated into AEvent and you can now add SMS and MMS messages in your registration and timelines.

In order to avoid service interruptions with Twilio, they have made it compulsory to register for the new protocol.

Here are 2 simple answers to the Sample Message Question:

Sample Message 1:

Congratulations {{!firstname}}, Your registered for our Webinar on October 5th at 6pm EST! Your join link is {{!joinurl}}

Sample Message 2:

{{!firstname}}, You missed our webinar yesterday, I just posted a replay of it, and you can access that here {{!joinurl}}.


If you have any problems with your integration the first thing to test is press the "Test" button on the Integration. This will confirm if the connection to Twilio is valid. If you continue to have problems, delete and re-add the integration.

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