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Want to offer more than 1 selection?
Creating a Multi-Session layout in Clickfunnels for your Registration page
Creating a Multi-Session layout in Clickfunnels for your Registration page
Want to provide multiple event registration times in a 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 layout?
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Step by step code to setting up multi - selection registration page:

This is what a rough layout in CF looks like: 

And this is what the code of the page looks like before it is rendered. 

Code below is for the 2 x 2 view:

{{!month1}} {{!dayofmonth1}}

{{!month2}} {{!dayofmonth2}}

{{!month1}} {{!dayofmonth3}}

{{!month1}} {{!dayofmonth4}}

IF you want to display values in registrants local timezone:

{{!reg-month1}} {{!reg-dayofmonth1}}

{{!reg-month2}} {{!reg-dayofmonth2}}

{{!reg-month3}} {{!reg-dayofmonth3}}

{{!reg-month4}} {{!reg-dayofmonth4}}

*use up to 6 times if desired

When creating the buttons, it is IMPERATIVE, that each button have the proper css title.  

Button Titles:

The below example shows the setting for webinar #1

Click the # sign, then a popup is shown.  Change the name to webinar1button  (for webinar2, you would change to webinar2button, etc)

Once you create this, and you schedule out 4 webinars for the timeline, it will display 4.  

As the webinar is coming up, button will change to text and color to ‘starting soon’ when start time is within your countdown room time. 

When webinar begins, button will say “In Session Now” and will display upto ‘Load Replay X After Event Start’ setting within advanced options of the timeline.

Once Load Replay X value is passed, IF more webinars are scheduled, it will be removed, and display the next following registration time. IF there are no more webinars scheduled, the button for this time will simply become inactive. 

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