You can have UP TO 6 times offered in your drop-down menu. The code snippets discussed in the video are below:

Input Name: webinaridselect

Value: {{!webinar-webinar1id}}
Text: {{!webinar-webinar1}}

Value2: {{!webinar-webinar2id}}
Text2: {{!webinar-webinar2}}

Value3: {{!webinar-webinar3id}}
Text3: {{!webinar-webinar3}}

Value4: {{!webinar-webinar4id}}
Text4: {{!webinar-webinar4}}

Value5: {{!webinar-webinar5id}}
Text5: {{!webinar-webinar5}}

Value6: {{!webinar-webinar6id}}
Text6: {{!webinar-webinar6}}

You can take this one step further if you would like to display the drop-down options in the users local timezone. (By Default Day / Date / Time - EST / PST is displayed.)

To display values in registrants local time zone, instead of using

Text: {{!webinar-webinar1}}

you would use:

Text: {{!reg-dayofweek1}}, {{!reg-month1}} {{!reg-dayofmonth1}} - {{!reg-timeZone1}}

Below is a list of this for webinar 1-4. We do support up-to webinar 12.

{{!reg-month1}} {{!reg-dayofmonth1}}

{{!reg-month2}} {{!reg-dayofmonth2}}

{{!reg-month3}} {{!reg-dayofmonth3}}

{{!reg-month4}} {{!reg-dayofmonth4}}

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