Integrate AEvent with Clickfunnels Confirmation Page
Step by Step to integrating your Clickfunnels Confirmation page with an AEvent Timeline
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To integrate AEvent with Clickfunnels Confirmation Page, follow these simple steps.

  1. In AEvent, go into your Timeline settings and click on the Code heading. 

  2. Under Confirmation Page Settings, copy the code in the Header Script box.

  3. On your Clickfunnels Confirmation page, click on Settings on the top menu bar, then click on Tracking Code.

  4. Paste the code into the Header Code tab.

  5. If you have a Countdown timer on your page, go into the element and set the End Date to 0 and Expire Action to “Show & Hide Elements”.

To customize the page with dynamic subscriber or webinar fields

  1. Go back to the AEvent Registration Page Settings. Click on the desired Dynamic Field to copy automatically

  2. Return to your Clickfunnels page and paste the code in the desired spot.

To add an “Add To Calendar” button

  1. Insert a Custom JS/HTML element into the page and click on “Open Code Editor”.

  2. In AEvent, scroll down to the Add To Calendar Integration, copy the code in the HTML box.

  3. Return to Clickfunnels and paste that into the code editor.

  1. Add a Text Element to the the page and type in the text you want on the link. Example: Click here to Join!

  2. In AEvent under Dynamic Page Elements, click on {{joinurl}}, which will automatically copy the code.

  3. Go back to your Clickfunnels page and highlight the link text, click the link icon, and paste in the code.

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